The 500 Ride
66 Miles

The beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest
Sunday 18th August 2019

The 500 Ride Has Sold Out

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to join us in Bakewell for our special edition Eroica Britannia for 2019. The ‘500’ is a small, one-off event of 500 riders to celebrate and document the sixth year of Eroica Britannia.

2019 is the 200th anniversary of the historic Bakewell Show. Due to this big anniversary celebration, we have been unable to bring a full scale Eroica Britannia event to Bakewell Showground in 2019.

2019 is a Ride only event on Sunday 18th August 2019 which will be an epic one day adventure covering some of the most beautiful landscape in The Peak District National Park which provides an outstanding opportunity to capture the detail of our riders on film as well as the true essence of L’Eroica.

Start Time

7:30 - 9:30am

Start Location

1 Water St, Bakewell

End Location

Peakender, Bakewell


3-5 Hrs

Total Distance

66 Miles


5,073 ft


Monyash (35mi)

Food Stops

Refreshments will
be provided en route

Download Route


Minimum elevation 286 ft above sea level. Highest elevation marked at 1,333 ft above sea level.

0 mi 33 mi 66 mi

Rules & Regulations

The rules below are in place for a reason. The authenticity of the event is crucial to its success. For this one off year The 500, we will be filming the ride which will set the standard for the years to come so bikes and clothing will be scrutinised and anyone not complying with the rules will not be allowed to ride. We ask you to come on the journey with us for this special year. Make the effort and play your part.

1. Pre 1987 road racing bikes built both with gears and without gears.

2. Reproduction bikes will only be permitted if they have a vintage look and characteristic. Assembled using vintage components or replicated parts similar to the original.

3. Specific authentic bikes such as Pashley Guvnors, Speed 5s, Moulton and Bromptons are permitted. Other bikes such as military, postman and delivery bikes are allowed but must carry vintage characteristics.

4. Gear shifters must be on the downtube or an exception would be Sturmey Archer style gearing. Modern day integrated gear shifting within the brake levers are not allowed.

5. Pedals with toe clips and straps. Quick release pedals are not permitted. If you are wearing training shoes they need to be in keeping with the ethos of the event. Ideally all black to mimic a vintage road racing shoe.

6. Brake cables must pass outside the handlebars but other cables can pass inside the frame.

7. Both tubular and clinchers with inner tubes are allowed.

8. Participants must be dressed in vintage or era specific clothing. Modern style clothing is not permitted. Make the effort, you'll feel better for it!

9. Helmets are advisable but not compulsory.


  • Strictly no modern carbon racing bikes
  • Strictly no mountain bikes
  • Strictly no white training shoes - See rule 5
  • All other clothing must be in period

Parking in Bakewell town Centre

There are car parking options in Bakewell, click the link below to check these out. Explore Parking


If you fancy camping or even Glamping at Peakender, click the link below to explore.Explore & Book


There are some great hotels, self catering cottages, country lodges and B&B's in and around the market town of Bakewell. We recommend that you secure your accommodation quickly if you are planning to stay over for a night or two.

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