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Everything You Need To Know About - The Eroica Britannia Classic Ride

When is the ride?


The ride takes place on Sunday 17th June 2018. Riders on the 100 mile route begin to depart from 6am, followed by those riding the 60 mile and 30 mile routes. This will be via a rolling, staggered start. Exact details regarding the ride departure times, routes, etc will be sent to all ride entrants via email pre-event.


Do I get food on the ride?

It is our policy to cater for everyone at the food stops along each of our 3 routes (30, 60, 100 mile routes), but we take no responsibility for quantities of food remaining at each food stop dependant on your arrival time. We try our best to cater for everyone's dietary requirements. However if you have specific allergies or food intolerances we advise you to bring food and drink for the ride which you know will fuel and fill you for your cycling adventure.


Can anyone enter the ride?

Yes anyone can enter. There is no minimum age to enter, however, those aged 17 years and younger MUST be accompanied at all times during the ride by a paying adult aged 25 or over. There is a maximum of 4 x persons under 18 per 1 x person that is aged 25 & over.

Book your ride places HERE



Can I change my mind about which route distance I do after I have entered and paid?

On entering you’ll be asked to state your route of choice (30, 60 or 100 miles). You’ll have up until May 31st to log back into your account any change your mind. After that date all route choices will be locked. Please note that we cater at the food stops based on the routes people tell us they’re riding. Last minute participant changes can cause issues with food provisions, so be sure to fix on your chosen route before the May 31st 2018.

Click HERE to log back in to your account and review/change your route choice before May 31st 2018.


What if I just want to do the ride?

Then you can. You can book just a ride place for the Sunday that doesn't include camping or parking. Please note that each ride entrant receives a 3 day festival entry pass included free of charge, so why not join us for the Friday and Saturday too!

 Book your ride places HERE.


If i’ve booked a ride place do I also need to book a weekend festival pass?

No! Each ride entrant receives a 3 day festival entry pass included free of charge


Are you doing Team entry's this year?

We won’t be running official team entries for 2018, however, don’t let that discourage you and your gang of cycling friends & family from entering.


When will I know my rider number?

All rider numbers will be issued to each participant on their ride entry ticket, which will be available to download or print nearer to the event. Unique rider numbers are allocated to each individual and represented on the numbers you pin to the rear of your jersey, and attached to your bike.


As a rider what will I receive at registration?

At rider registration, which opens at the festival in Eroica HQ at 12pm on Friday 15th June 2018, you will be given your rider jersey number, number for your bike, road book, route stickers, and an Eroica Britannia cloth musette packed with goodies. Plus a handful of safety pins and string to attach your jersey and bike numbers.


Can I enter the ride on the weekend of the festival?

 Very unlikely. We always sell out of ride places in advance so enter to avoid disappointment.


Do I have to wear a helmet for the ride?

In the interest of safety we strongly recommend all riders to wear a helmet. However, given the vintage nature of the event this is non-compulsory. All riders will be asked to sign a helmet disclaimer at rider registration.

Is the ride supported in case I have a mechanical issue?

Yes. We will have bike mechanics stationed at various food stops along the routes, and will also have 2 or 3 roaming support vehicles. However, all riders must be self-sufficient as the mechanical support we're providing is limited. It is your responsibility to make sure your bike is in a good condition to ride.


Will there be a bike mechanic at the festival site?

Yes, there are plenty of bike mechanics to assist, especially in the Bike Jumble area.


Is the route signposted/marshalled?

Yes. All cycle routes are signposted and marshalled but we do recommend that all riders make themselves familiar with their chosen route. Detailed routes coming soon HERE.


Is there start/finish line photography?

We have a team of photographers at the event capturing the atmosphere, but no official start/finish line photography.


Will there be someone to check my bike complies with the rules?

We rely on riders to have fully understood The Rules so we won’t be policing this during the event.


Can I get a refund for my ride entry if i can no longer take part?

All rider entries are non refundable, however you are able to amend the riders name up until May 31st 2018, meaning you can allocate your entry to someone else. It will remain the responsibility of the original ride entry purchase to pass on the necessary ride information and ticket's.


Does a tandem count as 1 or 2 ride entries?

A tandem counts as 2 ride entries, based on 2 riders taking part.


Will any food vendors be open for breakfast pre-ride?

Yes, a number of food vendors will open early for breakfast, coffee, etc.

Is there a Family Ride in 2018?

The Family Ride will return once again for 2018 - a self-guided jaunt taking place on Saturday 16th June 2017.

Tickets and more info coming soon.


Is there a Twilight Ride in 2018?

The Twilight Ride will return once again for 2018 - a self-guided jaunt taking place during the event of Friday 15th June 2017.

Tickets and more info coming soon.

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