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What Are The Camp Site Rules?

Camping Rules - A gentle reminder of the Camping Rules to ensure everyone has a tip top time over our 3 day festival, Eroica Britannia.

We are sorry to say you are unable to camp right next to your car. However our pre booked parking is on the grounds which within walking distance of the campsite.

Gazebos are not permitted any where in our campsite.

Caravan awnings are permitted in the Caravan & Motor home fields.

Please note only 1 x tent/camping motor home or caravan per pitch will be allowed.

We can allow a maximum of 1 x tent with 4 x adults per pitch, children are fine so long as you all fit in the 1 tent/motorhome/caravan.

Please book an extra pitch if you have more than 4 adults/4 person tent

We allow a maximum of 1 x camping motor vehicle or caravan per pitch. No additional tents within your pitch are allowed.

Your camping spot is yours for the entire weekend.

No saving spots. Arrive together to camp together.

All campers must be 18 years of age or older & have a valid I.D. or be accompanied by parent or legal guardian aged 25 years + a maximum of 4 unders 18’s per 25 Yrs +. Sorry no exceptions.

For arrival and set-up the camping fields open Friday 15th June 2018 at 10:00am and closes at 10pm. On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th you can arrive from 10:00am, and again the site is open till 10pm. Early arrival is highly recommended.
Camping pitches will be allocated in order of arrival.

Please note that the camping fields WILL NOT  be open for arrivals and set-up at any point during Thursday 14th June.

All campers must have vacated the camping fields my midday on Monday 18th June.

There will be onsite security at all times but you are responsible for your own valuables.
Please do not leave valuables unattended.

The venue or promoters are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen.

All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry.

Confiscated items are considered forfeited upon entry. There is no guarantee of return.

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping.

You are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (for consumption in the campsite only) but only up to a reasonable amount per person. E.g 1 case beer/lager/cider, 1 bottle of decanted wine. NO SPIRITS ARE ALLOWED ON SITE. You will be asked to leave excess outside the grounds. You will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles of any kind.

No glass containers, weapons, drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed.

Dogs are allowed but must be tethered or on leads at all times. Dogs found roaming will be reported to the RSPCA and removed from site.

NO KITE Flying or tall FLAGS Allowed anywhere into campsites due to overhead power lines nearby

No campfires are allowed on site.

You undertake not to light, or allow to be lit, any fire, candle or other naked flame within or close to your accommodation within the camping fields.

Tent Camping - Only personal Camping stoves are allowed, subject to fire regulations. Only personal cooking stoves on the campsite, gas canisters must be no more than 250g in weight or 250ml in volume. NO GAS STOVES WHATEVER SIZE SHOULD BE USED INSIDE TENTS

Motorhome Field - Campervan & Motorhome owners will be permitted to bring in 1 gas container up to the limit of 13kg which must be stored in the internal enclosure on the motor home

No spare gas canisters for Motor homes are permitted 

You cannot use a disposable BBQ at your tent or in the campsites anywhere however new for 2018 is we will be providing a disposable BBQ area away from all the tents where you can BBQ to your hearts content. Please note this area is only for disposable tray BBQ’s NO GAS BBQ’s are allowed.

No Chinese fire lanterns.

No Drones

No fireworks or any types of explosives.

Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers at all times.
As outlined in our terms & conditions if you breach these terms, conditions or rules then the Event Organiser may refuse admission or require you and other associated ticket holders to leave site. A ticket only guarantees you entry if you comply with the regulations at the Event including as to time of admission, standards of behaviour and health and safety.

Noise curfew at 11:00pm

There are no power hook­ups in our Tent camping fields.

Camping Motor vehicles must have living accommodation with fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Unsuitable vehicles, including unconverted vans or cars will not be allowed entry and will be sent to one of the festival car parks. No-one is permitted to sleep in vehicles in the car park - this includes vehicles which do not meet our Camping motor  vehicle criteria, or are refused entry to the designated Camping Motor Vehicle field. Due to fire regulations we have to be strict on this. The decision that your campervan or caravan meets with our criteria is made by the Campervan gate manager and their decision is final

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