Steven Page

Afternoon - Friday

Steve Page is musician with a love for old time Americana music and proper bikes. He plays Clawhammer style banjo whenever he can and always rides a steel frame bike.

Steven Page is musician with a love for old time Americana music and proper bikes. He plays Clawhammer style banjo whenever he can and always rides a steel frame bike. His band the Open Secrets earned comparisons from FATEA Magazine with the old Crow Medicine Show. R2 (Rock n’ Reel) Magazine described the Open Secrets second album “Rain upon the sea” as simply marvellous. Whether he’s picking guitar or banjo playing original material or drawing from the well of the Americana songbook Steve brings a slice of the Americana South with him wherever he plays.

At Eroica Britannia we're all about cycling! Can you tell us about the first bike you owned?

I must have been about 10. It was a Raleigh something or other. It was red it weighed at least a ton. But it had 3 Sturmey Archer gears and as far as I was concerned that made me the coolest kid on the block (which I wasn't by a long chalk).

Can you tell us about a memorable bike ride or cycling related story?

I have cycled all over Europe and further afield. But if I had to choose the most memorable I'd go with the Land's End to John O'Groats. We live in a country full of such beautiful landscapes of every stripe.

What are your top festival essentials that you always pack?

Cheese, Banjo, plenty of suntan lotion to protect the banjo tattoo ... and the rest of them.

Your soundtrack of the summer?

Any collection of songs by Mississippi John Hurt - the old-time bluesman with the greatest joy de vivre.

What's your greatest adventure to date?

Riding the Raid Pyrenean. The suffering on the way up is more than compensated for by those 30km descents in my favourite range of mountains.

You'RE enjoying a picnic on a summer's day what favourites are in your picnic box?

Beer and Meat. I live in a house ruled by vegetarians and need to catch up.

Eroica Britannia are known for their stylish customers who are your style icons?

Humphrey Bogart for formal occasions and Woody Guthrie for dress down Friday.

Favourite ice-cream flavour and topping?

They're all my favourite's, that's why I had to stop.

Favourite thing that gets you excited for summer?

My hands and feet stop going numb with cold on bike rides.

Favourite summer tipple?

A slightly chilled craft IPA - by coincidence also my favourite winter, spring and autumn tipples.

Any festival rituals before you head on stage?

Maybe a quick trip to the crossroads to meet the Devil there and steady my nerves.

If you could ride on the back of anyone's bike who would it be and why?

My wife Sally. That's my answer for any day of the year. But especially so at Eroica Britannia - we'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary on 18th June.

Have you ever visited the Peak District before?

Yep. many times. I've walked here climbed and mountain biked here. But this will be my first time on a road bike and gigging.

What are you most looking forward to at Eroica Britannia?

The vintage vibe. In no particular order; I love steel bikes, I love vintage fashions from an age when all men always wore hats & women wore wiggle dresses and of course I love me some old time music.