Mister Keith

Friday & Saturday

A tweeded troubadour and purveyor of delicately energetic pop for music-loving cyclists everywhere join him to sing dance and swing and ask him why the Prince of Wales has just booked him! Retro and vintage tunes and only one rule - lift your glass (& your voice) to toast the day - and the night. Splendid!

Festival favourite Mister Keith returns with the same crowd-pleasing Victorian Pop with exciting new material and his mini orchestra of multi-talented instrumentalists! 

His unique ‘pop meets music hall’ style has been entertaining audiences on a recent ten date tour of halls across central England with many Eroica cyclists in attendance. Mister Keith returns to the studio in July so catch the new compositions now and you’ll no doubt be humming them throughout your ride!

A tweeded troubadour and purveyor of delicately energetic pop - guarantees to surprise and delight music-loving cyclists everywhere - join him to sing, dance and swing the summers night away in The Timber Barn on Friday night!

You can also catch him roaming the Festival grounds playing impromptu songs and creating musical mayhem! Just look out for the bowler hat!


7pm - Timber Barn


6.30pm - Timber Barn

10pm - Britannia Arms


Don't just take our word for it...

“Poppy and accessible in its acoustic finery, this is an eminently listenable record.”
R2 Magazine 

“An ambitiously conceived, beautifully executed set of timeless songs and arrangements. In every way a class package.”
Tony Cummings, Cross Rhythms 10/10

“Masterfully tender, confidently elegant. Beautiful textures propel a powerful listening experience.”
Dr Davey Ray Moor

“Tasteful use of instrumentation, lilting melodies and warm, very English vocals. It’s a little gem!”
Martin Price, FATEA Magazine

“Lovely, melancholic, complex chemistry to the track Keith, MORE!”
Luke Concannon, Nizlopi

“The best musician in a bowler hat… unless Mr Ben plays guitar!”
Mr Spoon, BigComfyFolkClub

“Well, we’re the lucky ones at Mister Keith’s album launch. Beautiful songs. Quintessentially British.”

“At times, Keith’s vocals simply soar.”
Geoff Howlett, NFN

“Brisk and captivating vocal expressivity. An atmospheric, picturesque and vibrant sonority of sound.”
Nessi Holt, Music Blogger

“It’s one of the most beautifully designed albums I have ever seen. The photography is just sensational.”
Mike Shaft, BBC Radio Manchester

“Immersed in memorabilia and a jumble of recent and more distant historical snapshots, it makes me want to search out my old flat cap!”
Steve Best, DJ UCB

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