It's Maypole Dance time!

Sunday - 1pm - Roaming

Eroica Britannia is a celebration of the unmistaken Great British community spirit which embodies the origins of Maypole Dancing. We’re delighted invite Maypole Movers to our Fifth Birthday celebrations and and share the traditions of Maypole Dancing with you!

Maypole Dancing has a long and varied history in British folklore. Traditionally, a celebration of Spring and new life in the villages. The May Queen or Green Man was often a young guy or girl from the village - selected for their excellent footwork and youthful complexion, and all the other bright young things of the village put on their best sackcloth and danced reels, jigs and hornpipes, accompanied by accordion, pipe and fiddle, winding their ribbons around the pole into a beautifully intricate pattern.
Maypole dancing has become increasingly popular throughout the ensuing centuries, symbolising community spirit and connecting rural British communities.
Maypole Movers teach Traditional Maypole dancing to all ages through contemporary dance and music - creating beautiful coloured patterns with intricate detail. It’s fabulous fun to join in and fascinating to watch!

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