Friday - 9.30pm - Best In Show Ring (Entries now closed)

Saddle up folks! We're off on a night time ride to the pub of course! Join us for last orders and a wonderful ride along the trail under the midsummer stars.

Luciano Berruti, a man with endless energy and zest for life, that's how we'll remember him. We celebrate his incredible spirit, in the best way we know -  a Mini Great British Adventure, to the pub of course!

We’ll be celebrating our fifth birthday with a heavy heart - lifted by the tremendous legacy Luciano left behind. A man brimming full of life, conversation, humour and sheer happiness, firmly the life and soul of Eroica Britannia - for the past 4 years, it only seems fit that our first ride of the weekend should be dedicated to the wonderful man.

“Nothing is impossible. You are with yourself and you know you must do it. I have always thought I could do it.” LUCIANO BERRUTI

As the dusk gathers and that lovely Summer sunset light starts to happen, we're off to the pub! Great British Traditions, especially on a Friday night don't get much bigger, or better than this...We set off on Friday 15th June at 21.30 from The Festival.

(Entries are now clossed)


The plan is to film our adventure heading forth into the dusk so we're asking everyone who is planning on joining us to bring some form of illumination - imagination and creativity please! We'll be filming from above and from the ground - so we want to ensure we are most handsomely represented! Get dressed up, switch your lights on and let's glow! It's the only condition of being allowed to come with us... So make sure to give it some thought! Just bike lights won't make the grade!


Our destination is The Royal Oak Pub - northwest up the High Peak Trail. We'll be riding traffic free all the way to Hurdlow - where we'll nip onto the road for 20 yards before arriving at the pub for a pint.

It's an excellent opportunity to strike out onto the open trail and get your bearings. Of course one of the main reasons for us moving to Friden Grange is to be able to take advantage of the glorious Trails. The High Peak Trail is our arterial route in and out of The Festival so let's put it to great use!

Eroica Britannia are incredibly proud to make a significant impact to the local economy while we're in the area - and we would like to recommend this rather excellent pub to you - and we know they'll be thrilled to see you! Drinks are on a 'buy your own' basis!

The Twilight Ride is FREE to join and is open to everybody who has purchased either a Festival or Classic Ride Pass to Eroica Britannia. 

PS. If you're lucky enough to be riding - The Royal Oak pub have set up an outside cash bar for quick pint service - so be sure to bring some spends!

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