HIGHLIGHT! The Velotrax Eliminator

Practice and fun times in the day, racing for prizes at night! - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Want more cycling action? You got it! Jason Bradbury takes racing to another level each night of Eroica Britannia

Fancy yourself as a top bike handler? Got a need for speed, crowds, applause and winning? Want to show what you bike can do? This is your chance! Former Gadget Show presenter - the one and only Jason Bradbury hosts the The Velotrax Eliminator.

The Velotrax Eliminator

The Velotrax Eliminator brings the excitement of head to head racing to Eroica Britannia for the first time. Riders will race around the Velotrax in a pursuit format to catch the rider in front, eliminating them and going through to the next round until only the fastest rider remains.

Jason Bradbury will be on the mic calling all the action. With a pumping sound system and great lighting and fantastic prizes is there a better way to spend a summers evening!

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He built hoverboards and even a mind control interface during his time on The Gadget Show but now, self-confessed cycle freak (& Gadget Youtuber) Jason Bradbury, has big plans for a very small velodrome.

Over to Jason...

The idea for the mini-velodrome came to me during a conversation with my 9 yr old. He is a keen cyclist and was a regular at Herne Hill velodrome where Bradley Wiggins used to train as a junior.

"Wouldn't it be cool Dad, if we could fit a velodrome in the back garden?"

Within a matter of weeks I'd contacted my mate Keith who runs a small company making and eventing Shoretrax wooden pump tracks. Using standard curved sections from Keith's modular pump track system (propped up against my conservatory) we improvised a small, all-wood velodrome in my back garden for when Jackson got home from school.

To our amazement it worked extremely well, even on the 7kg thoroughbred road bike I had available. Jackson blasted round it on his Moda Minor juniors road bike (my mate Olympic triathlete Stuart Hayes, who happened to pop round, also gave it a go). A 9yr old and an Olympian, on normal road bikes - we knew we'd got something that could work for not just balls-out racers, but amateurs looking for a bit of fun.

The final design - which for the first time will be available for riders at this year's Eroica Britannia - is the result of over a year's refinement. We've kept the wood - like fans of wooden rollercoasters, velodrome purists understand it has got to be wood - but we've worked with a metalwork factory in Stoke-on-Trent called KMF for a sturdy, reliable and portable bespoke aluminium frame. We've come up with a race series format which we are calling VeloTrax Eliminator and we'll be running it every night with me commentating against a background of pumping tunes (and hopefully, a cheering crowd). We are also planning to open it up to anyone who wants a go during the day.


Most people know Jason Bradbury for his enthusiastic hosting of Channel 5's The Gadget Show. What brought Jason and Velotrax together - to invent the amazing mini velodrome - is a shared passion for cycling and cycle racing.

Jason has been cycling since the 1970s. Indeed, his famous lisp is the result of a BMX freestyle trick gone wrong!

Jason has been a super keen cyclist all his life and now boasts a formidable collection of bikes that includes super-light carbon mountain climbers, downhill mountain bikes, some futuristic looking triathlon machines, a fixie or two, an electric drift trike and even a bespoke wheelie bike with training wheels to help him 'Wheelie like Sagan' for a forthcoming YouTube video challenge with Chain Reaction Cycles.

Jason has hosted triathlon coverage for Channel 4 and The Tour Series for ITV and his love of all things cycling (as well as tech in general) is set to continue on his newly started YouTube channel: YouTube.com/JasonBradbury.

Jason has said that his association with a Eroica Britannia only started as an excuse to buy into 'yet another sub-category of cool bikes'', so expect him to be sporting something subtlety steel and vintage!