HIGHLIGHT! Festival Flyover

You're in for a real treat! Get in prime viewing position! - Sunday

Eyes to the Skies for the Battle of Britain flight and get wowed by a Festival flyover! We are delighted that an RAF Hurricane will flyover the Festival on Sunday 18th June!

 We have been working with The Battle of Britain and the RAF Events Team to arrange this year's Festival flyover. Originally we had been informed that a Lancaster Bomber would be in the area to ‘flyover’ the Festival, we have had the following information from Flt Lt A F PARKINSON MBE RAF 'The Lancaster Bomber is not ready to fly, post major servicing at Duxford'.

The good news is that Flt Lt A F PARKINSON MBE RAF has kindly confirmed that the scheduled Lancaster Bomber flyover has been replaced with an RAF Hurricane Flyover on Sunday 18th June which will flyover the Festival site at Friden Grange.

As ever we are so appreciative of the help of the RAF Events Team and the amazing work they do. We are delighted to be able to continue with this really special event highlight on Sunday.

As ever any flyovers are subject to weather conditions. 

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