Eat Natural's Makery on the Move

All Weekend

Eat Natural is debuting a ‘pop up’ version of its Makery to create a truly interactive experience for visitors, called ‘Makery on the Move’ - call on over and get creative!

The original Makery sits in Halstead, Essex – and it’s where Eat Natural makes its 95 million bars every year – mostly by hand, in small batches.

Makery on the Move at Eroica Britannia

Guests will be invited into the ‘Makery on the Move’ to create their very own unique bar, complete with dipping (milk chocolate, plain chocolate or yoghurt) and an enticing array of different toppings such as dried apple, strawberry ‘powder’, freeze-dried raspberries, cacao nibs, flaked coconut – plus many more. 

Plants, a communal seating area, a central ‘dipping station’ and an inviting ‘workshop’ space will complete the overall look and ensure that the space is as inviting as possible for visitors. The workshop will play host to various sessions where guests can learn more about a specific subject such as ‘chocolate’, ‘nuts’ or ‘how to bake with granola’.

Eat Natural is hugely popular with cyclists all over the world. They’re the perfect treat to take out on the road – deliciously wholesome, filling, and packed with natural goodness.

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