Don Barrell Gents

Friday & Saturday

Hitting the Main Stage on Ride Day! Don Barrell Gents have their own acoustic style delivered with passion and soul. Combining both Folk and Jazz.

 Sheffield based acoustic trio soulfully fuse their individual styles and influences to create a  contemporary mix of folk, jazz and blues. Combining technical percussive styles and an intricately improvised lead they have found their own distinctive sound with an aim to write original percussive acoustic music with soul. Don’t be fooled by the acoustic tagline, their musical minds come together in delivering a passionate and energetic set, guaranteed to raise the roof for a good old Britannia knees up!


 At Eroica Britannia we're all about cycling! Can you tell us about the first bike you owned?

A Raleigh Grifter- a poor man's chopper. Some yellow mountain bike and a Raleigh Jeep!

Can you tell us about a memorable bike ride or cycling related story?

When I was about 8 I made the biggest ramp at the bottom of our road and headed at it Evel Knievel style full pelt on my Raleigh Tomahawk. I managed to jump over all my friends but then landed on the tiny front wheel which then collapsed throwing me onto the concrete!

What are your top 3 festival essentials that you always pack?

Ear plugs, Whiskey and Bacon.

Your soundtrack of the summer?

Anything by Matthew Santos.

What’s your greatest adventure to date?

Getting married in Vegas!

You'rE enjoying a picnic on a summer's day what favourites are in your picnic box?

Cheese, Crackers and Beer.

Eroica Britannia are known for their stylish customers who are your style icons?

Steve McQueen.

Favourite ice-cream flavour?

Rum and Raisin.

Favourite thing that gets you excited for summer?

Freshly cut grass.

Favourite summer tipple?

Brothers Pear Cider.

If you could ride on the back of anyone's bike who would it be and why?

Evil Kenevil for the thrill of the ride!

Have you ever visited the Peak District before?

Yup, we're from Sheffield!

What are you most looking forward to at Eroica Britannia?

Entertaining the good folk of Eroica of course! :)

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