Blue Street Brass

Saturday - 7.30pm - Timber Barn

Bringing a mix of high energy brass and driving drums. We are made up of young stars and those of an older vintage - there’s something for everyone and everyone will have fun!

Bringing a mix of high energy brass and driving drums, Blue Street Brass are sure to get those toes tapping!

Blue Street Brass are made up of aspiring young talent and those with a little more experience and wisdom, playing music from across the spectrum, bringing us brass with a twist - Dolly Parton, Madness and Daft Punk to name a few!

A collective love of the outdoors comes from their heritage as a competitive marching band, but now they’re coming to the stage to give us a taste of something truly unique.

Promising to really get the party started with an Eroica Britannia worthy high-energy performance, guaranteed to pull in a crowd with their very special festival set!


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