Alex Flather-Brown

Friday Afternoon

Getting The Timber Barn warmed up - catch Alex spinning some vintage style with a mix of Soul, Funk Disco and Hip Hop...

Sheffield born Alex Flather Brown has been brought up on a hearty mix of bicycles, vinyl records and a love of The Peak District. With his parents founding Sheffield's first cycling cafe he understand the community, comradery and heritage of the 2 wheeled fellowship.

Alex began his DJ career collecting 90's House and Garage vinyl with a gradual progression to digital mixing. Major influencers such as Masters at Work, Jasper Street Co and Dj Rasoul steered his early path. Now gaining more experience playing larger venues, meeting influential DJ's and adding to his growing his collection, Alex's head has been turn by a growing love of Hip Hop.

Although he's dabbled in the digital world of music, Alex's true passion lies with the warmth and rich tones of vinyl records. He'll be warming up the Timber Barn with a vintage mix of Soul, Funk Disco and Hip Hop.

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