NEW! Mister Keith


A tweeded troubadour and purveyor of delicately energetic pop for music-loving cyclists everywhere

Festival favourite Mister Keith returns with the same crowd-pleasing Victorian Pop that makes EROICA love him. A tweeded troubadour and purveyor of delicately energetic pop for music-loving cyclists everywhere join him to sing dance and swing and ask him why the Prince of Wales has just booked him! Retro and vintage tunes and only one rule - lift your glass (& your voice) to toast the day - and the night. Splendid!


What are your top 3 festival essentials that you always pack?

A guitar tuner, a plectrum and a bowler hat!


Your soundtrack of the summer?

My friends are releasing great music so Sam Brookes, Natalie Holmes and of course Mister Keith


What’s your greatest adventure to date?

Marrying my beautiful wife and travelling the world performing!


You're enjoying a picnic on a summer’s day what favourites are in your picnic box?


Broker's Gin (an essential) Stoke's Chilli Jam and Cheese twist crackers.

Eroica Britannia are known for their stylish customers who are your style icons?


John Steed of the original Avengers Sherlock Holmes and Oddjob

Favourite ice-cream flavour and topping?


A scoop of Pear with a scoop of Caramel Cookies

Favourite thing that gets you excited for summer?


Eroica Britannia and The London Tweed Run! Wimbledon on the TV.


Favourite summer tipple?

Broker's Gin with Lime


Any festival rituals before you head on stage?


Yes,  energetic running on the spot to simulate a 20 mile bike ride always gets the blood going whilst singing 'Daisy Daisy'.


If you could ride on the back of anyone's bike who would it be and why?

Scarlett Johansson (no reason needed)


Have you ever visited the Peak District before?

Yes it's beautiful. In January we stayed in Winster walked the fields and discovered remote country pubs.


What are you most looking forward to at Eroica Britannia?

Meeting the person who asked me these questions. Seeing the faces of the hundreds of families enjoying the music and fresh air of Derbyshire's friendliest weekend and coolest gathering of cycling heros.


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