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10 Stand Out 2017 Sportives to Sign up to Now

Published on 10th. January 2017

Total Women's Cycling pick out their best rides in 2017

We are delighted to be featured in Total Women's Cycling feature on the best Rides in 2017. There are some fantastic events to get involved in. Thanks to Michelle Arthurs Brennan for including Eroica Britannia.

Here's what they say!

'There are many, many cycling events. Here are some of the most memorable...'

The new year is well and truly here – and what better way to motivate yourself to get out and ride than the promise of an amazing day in the saddle? Even better if that day in the saddle will be considerably more enjoyable if you build up enough fitness between now and then to get the most of the route.

'Cycle Into 2017: Kickstart your Best Year on the Bike'

 We’ve heard it said that the ‘sportive market is saturated’ – and that statement might well bear a little truth. However, there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest either in terms of atmosphere, attractiveness or downright brutality (it’s ok, they’re not all brutal).

'Check List: Everything You Need to Take to Your Next Sportive'

 We’ve rounded up some of the super special sportives we think are well worth signing up for in advance. These are carefully selected events that we’ve either ridden or would love to ride – though we decided to leave out a couple that were over £70 for a day in the saddle.

 'Here are ten of the best – each promises a memorable experience that is well worth training for…'

 Eroica Britannia: Eroica rides are something completely different to any other sportive. Organised around cycling festivals, they celebrate the heritage and history of two wheeled travel. Riders take part on bikes built pre 1987 (though you can opt out on shorter routes) and dress to match.

The original route takes riders around the stunning Tuscan roads in Italy. However, the British edition takes place in the Peak District. Riders can choose routes of 25, 55 or 100 miles. There will be hills, but the scenery will be beautiful and if you opt to take on 100 miles on a pre 1987 machine you can bet on having plenty of time in the saddle to take it all in!

The Ride costs £65, and there are Festival only tickets available for £20 a day. Buy HERE

Read the full list and get planning your next adventure HERE


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