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Published on 18th. June 2018

The Classic Ride: The last Rider back, WINS!

Eroica Britannia with its Italian heritage taps into the cyclist’s hankering for a bygone era, and the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle, however slow. In keeping with the founding ethos of all Eroica events around the World, 'the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest' was perfectly embodied by the last official rider back over the finish line for the Classic Ride on Sunday 17th June.
Rachel Madge set off at 6am to tackle the 100 mile route and was welcomed over the finish line by Eroica Britannia organisers and a crowd of supporters after 14.5 hours in the saddle. Rachel's longest ride previously was 60 miles.

A few words from The Classic Ride HeroiN, RACHEL MADGE.

"I'd just like to say a big "THANK YOU" to everyone for your lovely messages of support, I have just arrived home and I'm still smiling. I wasn't sure I was going to make it to Errwood as I heard something drop and noticed the nut from my front wheel had dropped off, so myself and a couple of fellow cyclists very kindly helped me look for it in the grass verge, and luckily we found it but not the washer, with my trusty Raleigh tool I popped it back on and got on my way but I kept on checking it.
When I was on top of the moor in that awful weather I was beginning to think I was going to have to seek refuge in a bothy, I'm not sure if there were any up there. The sweepers, I didn't realise who they were to begin with, I thought they were just being nice and cycling with me to keep me company lol then the penny dropped and I knew who they were "The Grim Sweepers " no way was I going to be swept up, as nice as they were. Every cyclists that passed me from now on, I did ask if they like to swap bikes. The two bartenders did enjoy cycling around the carpark on my bike whilst I ate my lunch."

"Once again, I've had an unforgettable weekend and it's a privilege to be officially part of the Eroica Britannia family, I love it."

A few words from Rachel's adoring supporters as she crossed the finish line.

Michael Paice

"A REAL hero, she refused all offers of help and suggestions that she call it a day! She came in under her own power and smiling all the way to the finish line."

Richard Dickson

"Chapeau Rachel, Luciano would be immensely proud of you."

Alan Tilt

"I booked you in for the ride and saw you when you joined the Monsal trail as (marshalling) your single mindedness is a huge inspiration. A real cycling hero. Well done."

Mick Nash

"That's what Eroica is all about. Brilliant."

David Dickinson-Lawson

"Well done Rachel, you can be very proud of yourself."

Charlotte Hunt

"Well done Rachel, proud to be there to welcome you over the finishing line."

Mark Watson

"Amazing riding! Chapeau Rachel. Cycling needs exceptional heroes and you’ve joined that club."

Graham Todd

"Well done Rachael an amazing lady. Very few have the ability to follow in your tyre tracks. Full of admiration for you."

Andrea Jones

"Fabulous, many congratulations to you Rachel, what an absolute achievement."

Marianne Campbell

"We saw you come in! Really admirable achievement!"

Ian Morwood

"True grit and determination, well done Rachel!"

Stuart Gibbons

"Brought tears to my eyes. Truly well done Rachel."

Jim Winfield

"We’ll done a worthy winner in my mind."

Martin Williams

"Well done Rachel. You brought a tear to my eye as you got in and then that fantastic reception at the HQ! Brilliant. That's why we do it. I shall be doing the Century next year!"
Rachel's Ride Day photographs courtesy of MyBibNumber


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