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The Great British Cake Off!

Published on 24th. May 2018

To honour our demi-decade Birthday extravaganza, we open entries to the most prestigious and delicious category of all, Best Cake!

We feel so inspired by the English village countryside shows that if you're lucky enough you stumble on from time to time through the Summer. We love the feeling (and the smell) you get when you walk into a canvas tent and see rows and rows of homemade cakes and bakes. It's a real treat. We wanted to keep these feelings close at hand when we created 'The Great British Cake Off'.
What could be more British than a slice of cake and a pot of tea on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the foundation of any Great British social occasion!
Keeping in mind the quintessentially English feel of a celebration of good home grown talent or simply a passion for making 'The Great British Cake Off' is a fun way of connecting to this.
The winning bake will be paraded around in all it’s glory as our official Eroica Britannia 5th Birthday Cake! After all, The World's Most Handsome Festival, must have a birthday cake of equal stature and excellence.
This category is open to anyone - of all ages and experience experience. We invite you to get your pinny on and be creative. Due to the consistent high quality of entrants, we encourage you to plan your show stopper with careful thought!

A Family Classic

Have you perfected a secret family recipe, or discovered a traditional technique? We love hearing the stories behind the cake stand.

Eroica Roots

We encourage our bakers to look back to Eroica Britannia heritage and Great British Classics, not forgetting our Italian roots for inspiration!

Provenance Tales

Do your ingredients tell a tale? Are they local grown or forage from the land?

Eyes to the Stand!

Aim for tip top with visual splendour and show stopping decoration. We're looking for Best Cake in Show to be paraded (and eaten) in the Great British Cake Off!

The Proof’s in the Pud!

Above everything, the ultimate test (and our favourite part) will be in the eating!

The only rules are that CAKE RULES!



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