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Published on 8th. May 2018

For our demi-decade - our fifth birthday celebrations - we're dancing all the way back to our roots to a tremendously fresh vintage soundtrack at a super special location for our Saturday night spectacular - The Timber Barn with The Great British Barn Dance!

Hosted by the acclaimed makers of dance "Cut A Shine”, we’ll gather at The Timber Barn for the biggest ever vintage barn dance bonanza! We honor thigh-slapping traditions of Barn Dance’s gone by with tales of adventure, sing-a-longs, vintage dance-off’s for a roof-raising, rip-roaring, blood pumping Great British get together!

Know your Do-Si-Do from your Dip & Dive!

We’ve put together an A-Z of mini-moves inspired by our glorious Eroica Britannia territory, landscapes and little gem feast stops, guaranteed to get you toe tapping, thigh slapping and ready for this years vintage Saturday night spectacular - The Great British Barn Dance! 

The Aston Reel

Do-si-do, turn to left neighbour, do-si-do, turn to right neighbour, balance and swing with that one, promenade.

Baslow Breakdown

Turn your corner, turn one to the other side, balance and swing partner, promenade.

The Chatsworth Tea Party

Gallops and arches, short dip & dive, cast through arch.

Dove Hole Tumble

Forward, back and cross, gallop cast, tunnels.

The Edale Jig

Ends cross, figure 8, cross and arm turn, repeat, right & left, swing.

Pride of Flash

Gallop to and fro with all couples joining in one by one.

Great Hucklow Heartbreaker

Circle left and right, 4 person chain, 1's through arches, do-si-dos.

Hope Jubilee

In and out twice, allemande, do-si-do and move on, allemande, back to partner to swing, promenade and move on.

The Ilam Hornpipe

Chassées, clapping, turn to partner, turn new partner.

Jiving Foolow

Forward and kick, backward and kick, chassées in and clap, chase back; ballroom hold, chase partner's left, then partner's right, polka round.

King Sterndale’s Caper

Little sets lead round, balance, do-si-do, reels, dip and dive.

Lucky Little Longstone

Lines of people weave, cross, spiral at whim.

The Monyash Step

Heel & toe twice, go forwards, turn, repeat; kicks, partner turns to face, polka round.

Nether Dam Frolic

Arches go left and right while people burrow; turn partner, clapping, swing, step one place left, spare people burrow.

Old Dam Gallop

Step forwards, return, slip steps and return, turn partner, swing on diagonal.

Peak Dale Polka

Heel & toe, heel & toe, go forwards; repeat the other way; clapping; move on.

Quoit Green Parade

Heads do-si-do and cast; ladies chain. Star promenade, drop partner, star on 3 places, balance and swing new partner.

The Rowsley Reel

Do-si-dos, big circles, small circles, all march, one couple pops through arch to progress.

The Sheldon Two Step

Circles, stars, basket, forward and back and pass on.

Tissington Tonic

Reels, swings, clapping, women star while men walk round: women progress.

Upper Moor Mover

Swing, down and back, stars, corners cross, circle and cast.

The Valehouse Shake

Circle, heads swap, sides swap, grand chain, shake.

Whaley Bridge Waltz

Waltz time. Partner turn, do si do corner, partner likewise, chassées past, turn partner, repeat, circle left and on.

The Youlgreave Trot

Forward and back and cross; tops gallop down, all dip and dive.

Let’s Do-Si-Do!

Join us for The Great British Barn Dance Vintage Extravaganza at The Timber Barn on Saturday 16th June!













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