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The 500 Countdown

Published on 9th. August 2019

Here we are! The 500 Ride is here! This is our countdown and some of the bits we're really looking forward to this weekend!

It has been an amazing time lately! Getting ready to host Eroica Britannia - The 500 has meant being immersed in Peak life more than ever. From the countryside in all of its Summertime glory to the local brands and people we're working with to host The 500. It's a really special time - and one that this year in particular we've relished.

The 500 is a different style, one off event to previous years gone by - regular Eroica Britannia Riders will see differences everywhere from Rider Registration through to the finish line.

You’ll find - of course - the key foundations of Eroica Britannia firmly in place - an excellent Ride taking in some of the most beautiful landscape in the UK and of course some of the best pre-1987 bikes in the world and our ethos of ‘last home wins’ absolutely still stands!

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Riders Essential Guide 

We’re super excited about The Ride - many of our Riders have been in touch and have been exuberant about the route - thank you for your passion and all round greatness!

As well as home turf and all over the UK - we're delighted to be welcoming Riders from Germany/ Netherlands / Switzerland / Sweden / Spain / Italy / Belgium / Poland / USA / Indonesia and Denmark. 

Here’s some parts of the weekend we’re really looking forward to!

The Eroica Britannia Camp

When we get to meet our Riders!

Find us on Agricultural Way - by the entrance to Peakender for Rider Registration. You'll be registering for The Ride and receiving your Route Card, Bike Numbers, Bib Numbers. You'll also pick up your Kit Bag and gift from us!

We’ll be setting up our mobile adventure camp - The Eroica Britannia Horsebox - complete with a mini store for last minute kit purchases. It’s a cash only shop - and will feature some of our last sizes in limited edition runs of jerseys and other collectibles. We’ll also be serving up Jimmy’s Iced Coffee (Thanks Jimmy’s!) to our 500 Riders to refresh and delight during Rider registration. We recommend parking up before you arrive to register. 

Saturday 17th August - Opens 12 Noon & Closes 18.00
Sunday 18th August - Opens 06.00 & Closes 08.00

Grounds Map and Parking Locations

The Kit Bag

When we get to treat you!

Always a treat...But this year, in-amongst the goodies - there is a special edition secret something that we’ve been working on to thank our 500 Riders for jumping in with enthusiasm to support us on our one off special event! It’s our gift to you on top of the usual kit bag essentials.

The Start Line

When we get to be together as The 500

Eroica Britannia regulars will notice we’re facing the opposite way round to when we normally start in Bakewell…We are really anticipating the camaraderie - and the excitement. Just like in Italy - bikes and kit will be monitored at the startline L’Eroica style so look sharp! 

We are delighted that Lord Burlington - The High Sheriff of Derbyshire will be officially launching our special edition Ride - The 500 from Water Street, Bakewell. Not only is Lord Burlington launching The Ride on Sunday at 8am - he is also joining The 500 and taking to the lanes, trails and tracks of The Great British Adventure on his bike - so be sure to cycle alongside and have a chat!

Read The Start Line Q&A

Middleton Top

When we have the chance to see the world’s oldest railway winding engine in action

Be sure to have grabbed a KIND bar (Thanks KIND) at High Peak Junction - becuase you’ll need it! It’s a tough old climb up the old railway track to Middleton Top… That’s fact. But to distract you - you’ll have the chance to see the world’s oldest railway winding engine in action. This magnificent beam engine was built in 1829 and hauled wagons up the steep incline. This is an excellent spot for friends and family to meet to cheer you up the hill!

Monyash Food Stop

When we get to rest, recover and EAT!

The Food Stop is a lush pasture, surrounded by drystone walls and borders similar pastures with grazing ponies and crops. It’s a dream location - just next to The Bull’s Head Pub and when we went to visit a couple of weeks ago - wild flowers had just blossomed on the perimetres and the grass was lush and green.

One main food stop means it has to be everything a food stop should be - and for us that means being able to fuel up on tasty food! This year - we’re dining out on the delights of The Lambton Larder of Bakewell.

Blake and Alice are local food champions and co-owners of The Lambton Larder and have a pure passion for food, The Peak District and great customer service. Their goal is to bring fresh, local and (most of all) delicious food to Bakewell - and luckily for us - Monyash!

At the Monyash Food Stop you'll be able to meet Blake and Alice - chat local food, eat local food and enjoy a totally tasty bite of our amazing area. Blake and Alice have also promised some extra treats from The Larder - so bring some extra spends if you want to indulge over and beyond your lunch!

Lunch at Monyash will be given in exchange for a ‘food stamp’ in your roadbook.

You'll also be able to sip back on a local beer from our friends at Peak Ales and taste test some delicious Banfi Wines.

Read More About The Food Stop

The Film

When we get to try something special!

We’re going to be filming in a documentary style to capture Ride day in its truest form! This is the first time we’ve attempted this - and probably the only time we’ll be able to go into as much detail on The Ride and the Riders so we’d love you to get into the spirit and we’ll go down in history together!

You might see some of our media crew on bikes - the crew in charge of documenting The Ride by bike will not be riding pre-1987 bikes - due to the fact they need to ride ahead or behind the group to capture certain moments! 

Eroica Britannia Grupettos

When you get to chat to Peak riders and enthusiasts!

This is an Eroica Britannia first! In-amongst The 500 will be a group of riders hand picked for their great company and love of bikes! They’ll be there to chat bikes, cycling and The Peak District and will be taking care of The 500 Ride in terms of capturing groups of Riders on film. You'll see them riding with a 'Grupetto' bib number. 

The Tunnels - always the tunnels!

When you get to escape!

The tunnels make for exciting riding and are very popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders, especially at this time of year so please be very careful of others on the path. Please obey the highway code and be kind and courteous to others using this amazing trail.

You will cycle the full 9 mile length of the Monsal Trail, cycling through several tunnels and over the famous Monsal Viaduct (finished in 1863).

The Finish Line

When you get to have a pint of Thornbridge best - Peakender Pale Ale.

Thanks to our friends at Thornbridge - we’re still able to finish The Ride at a Festival! We're taking an Eroica Britannia Festival sabbatical this year - and we're off to Peakender! Riders - be sure to wear your weekend wristband so you can roll straight on in and swop your beer token for a pint of the good stuff.

Find out more about Peakender

Be Smart and Be Prepared!

Please please be sure to have a good read of everything! There are changes to arrivals, parking, the start line, the finish line - we have no Eroica Britannia parking, camping, motorhomes etc….We have no 3-day Eroica Britannia Festival - but we are located outside the main entrance to Peakender.

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