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Our Official Art Poster for 2018

Published on 2nd. March 2018

To tell the tale of the 2018 art poster, we've handed over to 93 who are our 5th year creator of our art poster and custodian of the Eroica Britannia brand to tell you the story of five.

We are proud to reveal the story of our official 5th edition art poster for Eroica Britannia 2018. This year sees us taking in our natural surroundings and celebrating our heritage through the joy of the adventure by bike. This is our fifth creation - and it is important to note that each original piece of artwork is not only a celebration of cycling - but each has represented a specific time, feeling, endeavour. Put simply, each art poster is a glimpse into the nature of the event for each year. 
This year we've worked with printmaker and illustrator Eliza Southwood - to help bring our story to life. 



This is your 2018 story

This is a story about landscape and territory. Of views and climbs and of the Peak District environment. 
This is a time, at the height of the Summer for ripening bilberries, wild marjoram, wood sorrel and bog asphodel - the Great British hedgerow is radiantly plump and industrious. It is a time of brights, of butterflies and bees and when our farming countryside has settled into a steady rhythm of natural abundance and fattening herds. 
The gaze wanders over pasture, peat bogs, shale, gritstone and moss and the promise of heather with warm Summer smells to match. Inhale earth, leaf, botanics, mown hay. It's a time when 'old ways' have their place and the land dictates through stars, sun and moon.  
This is a story where the brow of the hill touches the Summer sky because it can and where the sun dances through clouds making playful patchwork dapples of sunlight just because. 

Inspired by

It's a story about sense of place and belonging. We've taken inspiration from some of our favourite climbs on The Ride. Really - this climb could represent any number of Peak District challenges, sometimes you need to do a double take to not mistake for an alpine climb in Europe!
We've also been influenced by favourite haunts of our local old school club riders who have been climbing these hills for decades and regular as clockwork. Those who have been gleefully choosing tricky locations for gruelling hill climbs for inter club 'comps' and 'just for fun' Sunday runs out for time as old as the hills.
Even with a touch of artistic licence we'd like to think some of you might recognise certain points of focus in Eroica Britannia's territory - Kinder Scout in the background, Mam Tor in the centre...

Our Heritage

This is about celebrating our thirst for adventure by bike and yet appreciating our heritage. We've majored on a classic English style for typography. This is one of our favourite things about the art poster - mostly due to the good feelings and memories it stirs. 
The style harks back to old British travel guides and those old OS maps - the ones from the 50's - you know the kind - wood block print styles, those fabulously muted colours with birds and hedgehogs occasionally popping up as front cover stars. The sort of thing you find in an old rucksack or maybe tucked in an inside pocket of an 'outdoors' coat you haven't worn for a while - memories perhaps of some other adventure at some other time. 
We love this feeling - because it's back to a time when that feeling of craft and texture came naturally and a sense of things returning to their natural, comfortable state.
Ultimately however -  this is a story about The Great British Adventure, and most of all this is a story about you. 

Your Story

Your art poster shows the Eroica Britannia generations, the riders, their passion for their bikes. 
We really wanted to capture that camaraderie of the bunch on the hill climb. Riding in a group really has a grateful time and a place - especially on The Ride. On the longer distances - we really do cover some ground - and you can sometimes feel like you've been riding solo for miles - allowing you of course to achieve that wonderful wilderness feeling. It is always a fine feeling to know however that you'll soon hear a cheer from the crowd or ride bar to bar with a fellow rider to chew the fat, compare adventures or offer words of encouragement - "get on lass".
There's nothing more needed than that time - pre-summit on one of our hills - than that extra push on from the Eroica Britannia family. 
This story shows your passion for bikes - we've sought inspiration from the tens of thousands of bikes we've seen over the course of five - and chosen to champion our favourites. We've looked at steeds from the 50's, the 60's - racing and touring bikes, some 5 speed, some single speed. Bikes with an engine as strong as the legs and as mighty as the heart. Bikes that have endured, bikes with personality and all the quirks! "It's the bikes that makes it" - that's what they say... We say our people do. 
To our wonderful, exuberant, thoughtful, game for anything, adventure loving people, our Eroica Britannia family...
In the year of five. This one is for you. 


Meet Eliza Southwood

I practiced as an architect for ten years before deciding to take up a career as an artist and illustrator full-time in 2010, although I have consistently drawn and painted throughout my life. My first illustration commission was a Spanish children’s book, when I was aged 13.
Having grown up in Spain, I spent a year in Italy and then moved to Scotland where I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Architecture. I later finished my postgraduate architectural studies in London
My speciality is silk screen printing, but I also work in mixed media, watercolour and acrylic. As a keen cycling fan, I am known particularly for my cycling themed artwork, but I also produce work on a wide range of subjects such as cityscapes, dogs, sports and people.
Selected clients include Rapha, Bloomsbury, Laurence King Publishing, Magma, the V&A Museum, Brompton Bicycles, Sustrans, the London Cycling Campaign, Bourne and Hollingsworth, Epic Magazine and Cono Sur Wines.

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