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Thank You and Post Event Survey

Published on 21st. July 2017

The Eroica Britannia team would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who came to the event this year. We're incredibly grateful for your support. Our fourth year saw an extended programme of daily 3-day festival life with lots of changes and improvements based on feedback from 2016.

Year 4, even more than the last 3 years, proved to have much more of an international attraction with families travelling from all over the World to enjoy Eroica Britannia and the local area before and after our event.

We once again saw high numbers for the Ride (4500 participants), including our highest number of women riders, while Festival visitor numbers remained as strong as ever.

We’d also like to offer thanks for supporting our decision to change venue for this year. Relocating an event such as ours always carries an element of risk as you never truly know how a site will perform until actually on the ground. That said, we’re delighted with how things went, and are already planning ways in which some small adjustments will help improve your overall experience.

We enjoyed many halcyon moments, and incredible weather, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts…we couldn't do it without you! Visit the Gallery for just a few of the images taken at this year’s event. We’ll be adding more over the coming weeks so don’t forget to keep checking back.

The survey, which ran from July 21st to August 14th has now closed. Thanks to all who took time to complete and provide feedback.

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