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Global Sponsor: Steel Vintage Bikes

Published on 9th. November 2016

A world-renowned web store for classic and vintage bicycles

Steel Vintage Bikes is a world-renowned web store for classic and vintage bicycles, operating from their workshop, showroom and bicycle café based in Berlin, Germany.

Their story began in 2012, born out of an appetite to reconnect people with the passion, authenticity and superb quality of hand-built steel bicycles.

Working closely with a number of European collectors – mostly Italian – from their inception, Steel Vintage Bikes continue to discover the finest examples of cycling history, from bicycles made by Umberto Dei, to the Ramata of Wilier-Triestina and the legendary Arabesque designs of Ernesto Colnago.

All of their Eroica bicycles are approved to take part in Eroica events worldwide.

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