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Peak Stories: Grace Lambert-Smith

Published on 20th. April 2018

I had no friends when I came back but I did have a bike, so I had to find someone to show me around the area. It was then that I found the Peak District under the rubber of my tyres during club rides.

We've teamed up with some inspirational folks from in and around the Peak District and asked them to share their memories and experiences of our great and generous Eroica Britannia landscapes which allow us so much freedom, adventure and great times with our friends and family.

These anecdotes and insights into our territory are wonderful ways to show the charm, potential, beauty, challenge and joy of these great lands we call home.

This is Grace's story, the second in our series of Peak Stories

Grace documents her adventures near and far in her blog, although the main focus is her beloved Peak District. It's only through living here that she’s thrown herself into new experiences, from swimming in the River Derwent at Chatsworth, bouldering at Stanage Edge to slogging it up Winnats Pass. For Grace it's all about meeting great people who share her passion for The Peak District. 
We love this story - it really captures the freedom and positivity spirit that everyone can enjoy in The Peaks - we especially love that Grace travels alongs the trails each day on her commute to work - this is an on-going tale of a real appreciation and joy of Eroica Britannia territory. 

Grace's Peak Adventures

I lived in England until I was 15 years old, at which point my family moved to Australia. Despite always being involved in sport, I never did a great deal of outdoor activities. Of course, when I moved to Australia my horizon changed and I didn’t hear anything of the Peak District National Park until my return in 2014 to Manchester.

I had no friends when I came back but I did have a bike, so I had to find someone to show me around the area. It was then that I found the Peak District under the rubber of my tyres during club rides.

"I was always used to hilly days out given the terrain back home in Adelaide but some of the steeper slopes were like nothing I’d ever experienced before"

Monsal Head, Winnats Pass, Mam Nick and the killer off-road climb from Cromford left me no other option than to sit in the granny gear gritting my teeth.



I’ve experienced the Peak District in many other ways since my humble beginnings in the area: I camped for the first time ever in 2017 up Grindslow Knoll. I couldn’t believe I’d never camped before in my life so I went up on the eve of my 27th birthday and pitched up in anticipation of the meteor showers that were soon to grace the sky. While it was quite breezy on the ridge, the views were magnificent.

"The cloud inversion the next morning over Edale was the most incredible view I could’ve wished for as I packed up and made my way down the hill for breakfast"

I do a lot of hiking around the Peaks, some short and sweet and others are big days on two feet. From the easy access off-road trails to figuring out the best way across the heather moors in the Dark Peak, there’s something new to see every time I go out.

"The villages I pass through are never short of scones and coffee and the locals are always enthusiastic when I tell them where I’ve been"

Nowadays I live in Bradwell where Eroica Britannia riders can expect to switch to their lowest gear to get out of the village on this year’s route. I tackled the same climb just last week on a modern bike and the line on Strava is far from straight!

"From Bradwell I can ride just 10 miles and gaze in awe of climbers at Stanage, or run over to Mam Tor along the Great Ridge and down to Castleton rarely losing sight of Hope Cement Works"

Some novelties haven’t worn off yet: my commute to work involves the Monsal Trail and its three tunnels all the way to Bakewell, a ride at which my friends are quick to be green with envy as they cope with the bustling cities of Manchester and Sheffield.

Keep up to date with Grace's adventures through Eroica Britannia's territory through her all-round action blog! 


 Eroica Britannia allows everyone an exciting, big hearted plunge into the good life of The Peak District. The Ride gives the ultimate chance for proper two-wheeled adventure into some of the best riding territory in the UK. 
Our 3-day Festival - hosted in our countryside retreat of Friden Grange showcases the very best of country life, vintage style and civilised festival times for all of the family - surrounded by epic Peak District beauty and a unique carefree camaraderie that makes Eroica Britannia so special!  

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