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The Britannia Times

A Call To Arms

Published on 18th. May 2018

The Great British Adventure is a calling!

Serious cyclists, freedom lovers, weekend coffee and cake riders, adventurers, first time steel horse jockeys, the time is now. Come ride with us... 

Come ride with us in the height of the Summer for ripening bilberries, wild marjoram, wood sorrel and bog asphodel - the Great British hedgerow is radiantly plump and industrious. It's a time of brights, of butterflies and bees and when our farming countryside has settled into a steady rhythm of natural abundance and fattening herds. 

Come ride with us for camaraderie like no other, epic landscapes and ancient territories that stretches as far as your imagination will take you.

"Come ride with us for Feast Stops and that classic thirst quencher - when only a Thornbridge Beer will do on a warm Summer's day."

Most of all - we urge you to come ride with us - to throw convention to the wind, strike a line through the 'norm' and get up and out, indulge your whims, ignore your shoulda, coulda, woulda's and COME RIDE WITH US! 


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