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Eroica Britannia 2020 Update

Published on 6th. May 2020

Apologies for the very late update. The 2020 Eroica Britannia will not go ahead but will return in 2021.

We are in unprecedented times and from all the Eroica family around the world we hope you are all safe and well.  

Hopefully we will start to enjoy some normality over the next few months where we can start planning for the future.  

A shining light during this crisis is that our collective love of cycling has been a great comfort to us all. Cycling has always been great for both physical and mental wellness and the current crisis had led thousands more to discover the benefits during the allocated daily exercise guidelines.  

Aside from Covid-19 we have faced several key challenges regarding the festival site while planning for 2020. We will turn our focus to 2021 and not run an Eroica Britannia this year.  

2021 and Beyond

We are committed to making 2021 and beyond better than ever.  We will update the website and our social media channels when we have a clear and concrete plan for 2021.  As ever - we are so grateful for your continued support.

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