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No Bike? No Problem! Hire One!

Published on 24th. March 2017

Don't have a pre-1987 bike to ride, but keen on taking part in The Great British Adventure? We have a perfect solution for you!

There is a hive of activity on our social media channels and across the blogging and cycling communities. Preparation, training, kit and what bike to ride are all hot topics of conversation. It is a whirlwind of discussion, anticipation and excitement as we start the countdown to June and year four of Eroica Britannia. On the subject of bikes and as The Ride reaches peak numbers, we caught up with the official vintage bike companies that partner with Eroica Britannia. All three companies have supported Eroica Britannia Riders over the years and provide an excellent, hassle free service to deliver a gleaming, Eroica Britannia steed that ticks all the rule boxes and will make you look and feel the part! Andy, Will & Carol and Mike all provide a second to none service, steeped in passion, knowledge and a brilliant understanding of bikes. 

Hire Me!

The cost of hire from all three official bike hire partners is £100. This has been the same price for the last three years. The bike can be made available for the whole weekend or longer if necessary with no increase in cost.
Bikes must be arranged individually from either Vintage Bike Shed, Glory Days or Classico Bici. 

Vintage Bike Shed, Andy Franks

I have been passionate about racing bikes for over 40 years and been involved in their assembly, maintenance, repairs and servicing for a similar period of time. I have had my own collection of classic racing bikes for around 25 years, from a time when really cycling was not very popular in the UK. This now numbers around 30. 
Then in 2014 came Eroica to England ! My bikes became more popular and desirable! From 2015 we have been official suppliers of hire bikes to Eroica Britannia, our company Vintage Bike Shed Limited was formed with the sole purpose of providing bikes for hire at this wonderful event.

"You can't have a favourite bike, it's like saying you have a favourite child. it can't be done!"

We now have a very wide range of bikes available, well over 100! For both ladies and gents and in a wide range of sizes too. There are no real favourites, all our bikes are most suitable for Eroica type rides-especially with low gears for the hills and tyres to cope with the differing road surface on each route. Both my wife and I do Eroica type rides ourselves and if a bike wasn't good enough for us to ride ourselves then it would not be on our website and offered to you for hire.

David Millar's Eroica Britannia Bike

We are putting the finishing touches to a special bike that has just been completed for David Millar to ride at this year's Eroica Britannia. It has been built specially to his specification but in many ways it is similar to our own bikes, we have many bikes like this available to hire so please visit our website and choose the one for you. David Millar's bike is pictured above! 

Key Facts For Vintage Bike Shed

The cost of hire is £100 as with all other official suppliers. This has been the same price for the last three years.The bike can be made available for the whole weekend or longer if necessary with no increase in cost. All of our bikes are serviced, checked, cleaned and taken to the Festival for your collection.

Andy Says

Now a very important point I wish to emphasise. I have heard many people say £100, I could buy one off ebay for that much ! Well please do, but a word of warning, please ensure it has sufficient gearing for the many hills you will experience, that the tyres are suitable for the 'white roads' and importantly the brakes are effective for the downhills sections too. 


From previous experiences I can guarantee that on the Saturday before the ride I will be approached by an anxious participant with his bike, who on seeing my cycle tools and set up at the venue will ask me to repair or prepare his/her bike for them ! "Where have you bought this from ?" I will ask, "Ebay" will be the reply ! Guaranteed, this happened in 2014,2015 and again last year, so why should 2017 be any different ? It won't, guaranteed. I have seen bikes with time trialling freewheels on, derailleurs that go into the rear wheel or gears that simply don't work, seat posts and handlebar stems seized, the list goes on and on. In other words we do all the preparation for you, we have a team of mechanics at the event who will make all the final adjustments to your bike for you (seat/handlebar height etc) to ensure a most comfortable ride.

For more information on hiring a Vintage Bike Shed bike for Eroica Britannia 2017 Click HERE


Will and Carol love cycling in the Peak District and know the area like the back of their hands. They set up Glory Days bikes nearly 4 years ago and love bringing unloved bikes back to life. Glory Days rents and sells only the best reliable retro road bikes. They also offer fun alternative tours on classic British bikes in the Peak District National Park. All their frames are of lightweight steel tubing and British manufacture.


Will and Carol have highlighted their Eroica Britannia favourites that they would encourage you to have a look at! They have recently acquired a 1979 Raleigh Competition 52cm, for a 1985 Holdsworth 53cm have a look HERE, check out their 1964 Ellis Briggs 58cm HERE and we have a feeling you're going to love the 1975 Carlton Equipe 54cm, see HERE 

Key Facts For Glory Days

The cost is £100 for the 3-day Eroica Britannia weekend. All our bikes are fully checked by a CYTECH qualified mechanic who will be on site for any last minute adjustments. You can collect and drop off your bikes at our festival booth. We provide a Brooks tool bag with pump, spare inner and tyre levers. We offer only the best lightweight bikes with quality tyres. There's no extra charge for additional days hire either side of Eroica 15 or 19 June so you can explore more of the Peak District National Park. 

For more information on hiring a Glory Days bike for Eroica Britannia 2017 and riding the Peak District in vintage style Click HERE


Once upon a time there was a Golden Age of cycling. A time before you needed a degree in materials science to know from what composite your bike frame was made. A time before you needed a degree in aerodynamics to understand the marginal differences in modern bike frame design. Today there is a growing band of enthusiasts who have come to realise that lightness, speed and modern materials are not everything, and that there is a nostalgia for the bikes of old.

"At Classico Bici all bicycles offered for sale or rent have been lovingly restored by an enthusiast"

Mike supplies traditional pre-1987 British & Italian restored, classic bikes available for hire, and all Eroica compliant. We stock a variety of classic and vintage bicycles from famous brands, such as Bianchi, Legnano, Ciocc, Benotto, Carlton, Elswick and Raleigh. For more information on hiring a Classico Bici bike for Eroica Britannia 2017 Click HERE

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