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Eroica Britannia First Time Riders!

Published on 9th. February 2017

"The plan is to stop at EVERY food stop, chat with other riders and finish holding hands."

Eroica Britannia is a challenge. It is a HUGE amount of fun, but it is a challenge!  While the weekend Festival is all about good times The Ride is not a fancy dress procession. From the moment of signing up, it's months of planning, training and preening to be part of a weekend to remember. Cheered home by crowds of thousands. All in it together collectively riding over 250,000 miles on Sunday all in the spirit of a time gone by.
We did a shout out last month looking for people who would be riding with us this year for the very first time! Meet some of our first time riders who we will be touching base with over the next few months ahead of June and we will be checking in on their progress and keeping you all updated! This is a must-read for anyone thinking about joining The Ride for the first time! 

Steven Bennett

“I'll be riding Eroica Britannia for the first time this year, along with my pal Dan. Whilst I'll look similar to many of the riders out there (middle aged male, slightly overweight.....) I guess we've all got our reasons for wanting to give it a go.

I first started riding road bikes when I was about 11. My mum and dad were never the wealthiest but they were great at making sure I always had something to ride and, with friends, I'd spend weekends and holidays riding all over the Peak District, getting lost and generally having an adventure that I don't think many young teenagers get these days.

I've known Dan since he was born twenty odd years ago and Eroica Britannia appealed to him as well. He's bought another Record Sprint, having hunted up and down the country to find one in even worse condition than mine, and we've been tinkering with it through the winter to turn it from a basket case into.......several boxes of parts.

This will be Dan's first time on a roadie, first time riding in the Peaks. Neither of us can wait.

So if you see two guys taking it easy on the medium route, on matching black and gold bikes, wearing nice period Raleigh Ti team jerseys…. Give us a wave!!”

Geoff Dixon, Sussex

“Put myself down for the 100 miler, yet to be decided if I will change my mind!
Got my bike sorted, a 1969 Galmozzi, so aiming to be ready!”

Jane Taylor, Hampshire

“Really looking forward to my very first Eroica Britannia which I am doing with my husband.
We will be riding our 1980 Henry Gregson Tandem.”

Dave Cooke, Warrington

“My first ride and gone for the 100 miler, plus also booked a boutique tent for the whole family! I have done a few cycle events including the Etape Cymru. Never really had a rigid training plan before as I am not a number cruncher, I prefer to just get out when I can and enjoy the ride, scenery and good company. I do use Strava though to record my rides. Really looking forward to taking part in the whole weekend and am even threatening to grow some facial hair much to the wife's dismay.”

Mike and Sue Kemp, Somerset

“My wife Sue and I are first timers. 55 and 30 miles all set and we have booked into Glamping too.
Really looking forward to it.”

Paul & Paula Thomson, Derbyshire

“We've been to the festival the last couple of years and absolutely loved it. So, we decided to dust off the old bikes in the garage and give the 25 mile route a go. We cycle regularly but with carbon fibre frames or disk brakes. The steel frames will come as a challenge on the Peak District climbs. We're really looking forward to completing this ‘handsome’ ride and be happy in taking our time about it. The plan is to stop at EVERY food stop, chat with other riders and finish holding hands.”

Damian Reynolds

“I have been promising myself an Eroica Ride. This is the year and I am looking forward to giving my Pashley Guvnor its first decent run out (apart from its regular pub run). Hopefully there won't be too many hills…”

Nick & Chris How, York & Brighton

“Hugely looking forward to being new riders at this year, my twin brother and I will be two new participants. The event has been on our to do list for a few years but as we turn 50 later this year taking part in the Ride is an early birthday celebration to mark the occasion by doing something new, exciting and different! For our joint 40th we donned gorilla suits and did the Gorilla Run in London so we were looking for an excuse to do something memorable again.

It just so happens that we both still have the bikes we bought in 1987 when we were 20 so we will be two old men riding a couple of the most modern bikes at the event!”

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