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Event Partner: Meantime Brewing Company

Published on 31st. May 2017

In our quest for perfection when it comes to an excellent beer, we are delighted to introduce you to Meantime!

Meantime was founded in Greenwich, London back in 1999 by Alastair Hook. Not just your average beer-lover, Alastair was the first person in the UK to get a Master's degree in Brewing, and was voted Brewer of the Year in 2008. With a vision to change the way people think about beer, and at a time when there were all but two operating breweries left in London, he set up Meantime Brewing Company. Inspired by London's longstanding brewing traditions, and the technology and innovation of the modern craft beer movement he’d witnessed in the U.S, Alastair started us off on our mission to brew proper beer. 17 years down the track, we are now one of, if not the largest craft brewers in the UK and release more than 40 different beer styles each year. Our core range contains ten styles, from our most popular beers including the London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red, right through to our IPA, Pilsner, Chocolate Porter and Raspberry Wheat beer. We travel the world to source the best ingredients and spend around six weeks brewing each of our beers to make sure the complex flavours have the time they need to fully develop, because we believe that if something is worth doing, do it like you mean it.


150 years ago, London brewers had to import Californian hops to meet demand for the popular Pale Ale beer style. We happily continue this tradition and every year our Brewmaster travels to America’s Yakima Valley to hand-select some of the world’s finest hops, to make sure our London Pale Ale tastes just as it should do, year in, year out. We blend buckets full of American Cascade and Centennial hops with Kentish Goldings from just up the road to give our London Pale Ale the crisply refreshing, perfectly bitter finish that you’d expect from a quality pale ale. The American hops give aromas and flavours of citrus fruit, balanced by the ‘hopsack’ aromas from the Kentish hops. London Pale Ale goes best with foods that have a bit of bite. Think a slightly spicy penne arrabiata or punchy curry and your taste buds are in for a treat. At Eroica Britannia you'll be able to enjoy London Pale Ale on draught. 


Yakima Valley in America’s Washington State is one of the world’s greatest hop-growing regions -there’s a global waiting list for many of the hops grown there. Not surprising when you experience their unparalleled aromas and flavours, packed full of citrus and tropical fruits, from mango to clementine. We hand-select five varieties of these hops for our American-style red ale – they pack it full of bags of character with spectacular tropical fruit and grapefruit flavours and give it a subtle and satisfying bitterness. Our Yakima Red gets its unforgettable deep ruby colour from a combination of British and German malts, which also combine to give this crowd-pleaser its medium to full body. Something you wouldn’t always expect from a 4.1% ABV beer. Yakima Red’s hoppy citrus bitterness makes it a cracking match for anything meaty, so dig into crispy roast pork, spare ribs or an elegant plate of charcuterie.


Crisp, dry and refreshingly bitter, our Pilsner is authentically German. We’ve carefully selected the best Pilsner malts and German hops to create our pale straw-coloured Pilsner, which is characterised by its elegant bitterness and slightly spicy, piney aromas. The German hops cut through the strong flavours found in mature cheeses, smoked meats and oily fish.


Stout Porters were originally brewed in London in the early 18th Century. 300 years later, we still brew our London Stout in the traditional way, using London water and a blend of dark malts to create a rich, velvety smooth dark beer packed full of roasted toasted malt and caramel flavours. Go traditional 18th Century London and pair with a plate of succulent Jersey oysters.


While he was studying brewing in Munich, our founder Alastair became hooked on the complex brewing processes behind local wheat beers – so he brewed his own. Using authentic Bavarian yeast and a whopping 60% wheat, our Wheat has the traditional fruity and spicy aromas, with flavours of banana, cloves and orange. Refreshing and summery, it goes a treat with soft cheeses or a big juicy shellfish platter.

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