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Luciano Berruti

Published on 14th. August 2017

Luciano Berruti, a man with endless energy and zest for life, that's how we'll remember him. We loved him for many reasons.

Generous with his time, he attended all 4 Eroica Britannia's and would bound from one interview to the next and spend time with everyone who approached him. We admired his endeavour and determination on the rides, his every ready smile and handful of tacks that he'd rattle out from his handlebars with a mischievous glint in his eye.

We loved his style - every outfit meticulously authentic and that pure panache in which he carried it off. Not to mention how photogenic he was ... Thousands of photos that captured a specific time and place and helped define the spirit of L'Eroica around the World.

We also loved his love of the younger generation - that time in 2016 when he spent his time encouraging our youngest rider along on the Ride, even pushing her on her bike up hills and that magical time at the Finish Line when he lifted her up above his head and then pinned his race number to her jersey. Language didn't matter - kindness and genuine heartfelt sincerity spoke volumes. 

In 2014 - our first year - Luciano came over the Finish Line to rapturous applause, acknowledging the crowd, his eyes searching for one woman. Raising his bike over his head - and with love in his eyes he reached into his jersey and with a flourish, down on one knee presented his wife with a flower and a kiss. The crowds went insane.

This year in 2017 - Luciano was more involved than ever - he was everywhere you looked - the King of Best in Show taking time to admire, question and inspect bikes and outfits and the undisputed hero of the Main Stage. He seemed even larger than life, brimming full of life, conversation and humour and sheer happiness. He rode the 55 mile this year in heats akin to his native Italy, riding in his trademark dark blue woollen jersey - his excitement and passion, electric.

We can't put into words how much we'll miss Mr Luciano Berruti. Our thoughts are with his wife, family and the L'Eroica family. His best friend Giancarlo Brocci says,

"Luciano Berruti passed away. We truly loved each other like brothers. A less sad moment to write about this great man will come. There was no better person than him to represent the values of L'Eroica. Number 1 forever".

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