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Looking For Adventure? We've got it!

Published on 2nd. May 2017

Delighted to be included in the line-up of 16 of the best gravel and adventure events taking place in the UK in 2017 by Cyclist Magazine...

In the pursuit of Adventure!

'More and more people are beginning to look beyond the confines of the road in search of adventure, taking to the gravel and cinder trails beyond armed with gravel, cyclocross and adventure bikes. While not as much as the USA, where the surge of gravel riding culture in recent years has been huge, the UK is still able to boast a sizeable network of bridleways, trails, singletracks and country lanes that are best explored on something a bit meatier than a road bike. As a result, a spree of gravel-orientated events have sprung up across the country, taking elements of sportives, mountain bike enduro events, and even orienteering, to establish a growing calendar of adventure events.'

Eroica Britannia 16-18th June 2017

'While the weekend Festival is all about good times The Ride is not a fancy dress procession. From the moment of signing up, it's months of planning, training and preening to be part of a weekend to remember. They stand for spirit, authenticity, adventure, heritage and passion. Eroica Britannia awakens these emotions and strikes up the feelings of freedom, challenge and camaraderie. They are ‘The World's Most Handsome Bike Ride’ and this is The Great British Adventure. Heroes we salute you.”

Thanks to Cyclist for including us! Read the full list HERE


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