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Have You Met Leigh Day?

Published on 23rd. April 2018

Leigh Day Cycling is a team of lawyers dedicated to getting riders back in the saddle after injury and to campaigning for better cycling conditions.

We believe in the bicycle’s potential to transform towns and cities into healthier, safer, better places to live, and our passion for getting and keeping people on bikes is genuine. We don’t accept that cycling is a dangerous activity, but we know that the environment most of us currently ride in can be.

 "We provide legal advice to people injured whilst training, touring, commuting, racing or getting from A to B."

From road rash and broken collarbones to incidents causing life-changing injuries, we have assembled a team which has all the expertise needed to ensure every rider is represented to the highest possible standard.

We have been the exclusive providers of legal services to members of British Cycling and the British Triathlon Federation for almost 15 years.

"Because we really do ride bikes too, we know what injured riders want, as well as what they need."

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