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The Lancaster Bomber Flyover

Published on 23rd. March 2017

Eyes to the Skies for the Battle of Britain flight and get wowed by a triple flyover by an original Lancaster Bomber over The Festival

We could fly to the moon and back TWICE! We’re that excited to announce we have a triple flyover by Europe’s only flying Lancaster Bomber on Sunday 18th June, setting a truly exciting welcome home scene for 4,500 riders as they start to return back to Friden Grange after their Great British Adventure. Known for drawing in immense crowds, make sure you’ve secured your Festival tickets before they sell out! 

Please note. The Lancaster Bomber will be flying over Friden Grange on the 18th June. This is an Eroica Britannia Festival flyover and NOT a flyover of Derwent Dam. 

The Lancaster 

A legend that will live forever, the contribution made by the aircraft and its crews to the freedom of our nation is immeasurable. The Lancaster, now widely adopted as a symbol of the triumph of freedom, was the most successful heavy bomber of World War Two. The aircraft are probably best known for their use in the historic Dambusters raids of 1943, when the RAF’s newly formed 617 Squadron used ‘bouncing bombs’ to destroy German dams helping power industrial plants.

Peak District Practice Site

The Lancaster holds a special place at the heart of the Peak District too, having practiced their dam-busting techniques at Derwent Dam, just over the valley from the Eroica Britannia site at Friden Grange. The Dam raids practiced at Derwent, now have a legendary status not only because of the skill and innovation needed by the pilots to carry them out; they had to fly at 60ft above the ground - incredibly low when compared with today's pilots who must fly 250ft above ground - in the large Lancaster aircraft, in the dark and at speed, but also because of the problems it caused Germany at a crucial point during the Second World War.

low-flying manoeuvres 

The pilots practised the dangerous low-flying manoeuvres they needed to perfect in order to drop the new "bouncing bomb", designed by engineer Barnes Wallis, at the exact height and level necessary for it to skim across the water and explode against German dams. Three dams in the Ruhr valley, Nazi Germany's industrial heartland, were destroyed in the raid in May 1943, and opinion suggests workers who would otherwise have been building the Atlantic Wall to prevent the D-Day landings had to be called away to fix the ruined dams. In a letter to the head of Avro after the war, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Arthur Harris, the Commander in Chief of Bomber Command, said of the Lancaster:

“I would say this to those who placed that shining sword in our hands: Without your genius and efforts we could not have prevailed, for I believe that the Lancaster was the greatest single factor in winning the war.”

Out of 7,377 Lancasters Avro made between 1941 and 1946, only 2 aircraft remain airworthy in the whole world, our flyover will be performed by the only flying Lancaster in still in Europe, you can experience for yourself first hand the roar of Merlin engines on the afternoon of Sunday 18th June.

Please note. The Lancaster Bomber will be flying over Friden Grange on the 18th June. This is a Eroica Britannia Festival flyover and NOT a flyover of Derwent Dam. 

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