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Event Partner: Jimmy's Iced Coffee

Published on 5th. May 2017

Hold tight! Jimmy's debuts at Eroica Britannia 2017!

Dorset’s Jim Cregan fell in love with iced coffee during a trip to Oz. Back in the UK he couldn’t find any he loved so he decided make his own. With help from his sister Sooz, they’re proudly bringing Jimmy’s Iced Coffee to the people of the Kingdom and beyond. It’s super refreshing, an awesome pick me up and made with simple ingredients.

RideClub Arena

Jimmy’s are proud to be hosting the RideClub Arena at this year's Eroica Britannia. A selection of badass looking rides from classics, off-road beasts to two wheeled crotch rockets, including some of our own rides. Swing by the arena for an Ice Coffee or something a little stronger, a Jimmy’s White Russian and join #TheRideClub, we’d be stoked to meet you!

Join in!

The RideClub Arena will have beautiful and eclectic mix of vintage vehicles on display. Should you have such a vehicle and wish to show it please apply by clicking the button below.

Apply Here

"That's refreshing!" is really the only reaction we want from anyone who drinks our iced coffee

Coffee is enjoyed in so many ways ranging from a super strong espresso all the way to a caramel infused, whipped cream topped frappuccino. We knew we'd need to make a product which wasn't too strong, too weak, too creamy or sweet so we decided to work on the reaction to drinking our coffee. After about 5 minutes, we agreed that feeling 'refreshed' was the best one to go for. Our iced coffee only has ingredients you'd find in your kitchen cupboard and as it's made in England, it doesn't have to travel far to get to your local shop. Winner.

Jimmy’s & Eroica Britannia

“We don’t shave our legs and we don’t time our rides…”

None of us at Jimmy's are particularly lycra wearing enthusiasts. We don’t shave our legs and we don’t time our rides, we enjoy them. If we’re honest, we kind of fell into the cycling world, but damn do we love it. The ethos of Eroica Britannia's ‘Last man wins’ encompasses enjoying the ride and not the result. The fact it’s on a pre 1987 bicycle just makes us smile even more. We’re not just proud to be supporting Eroica Britannia...WE’RE PUMPED. Find out more about Jimmy's HERE

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