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Event Sponsor: Islabikes

Published on 21st. February 2017

Returning to Eroica Britannia for the second year

Giving children a better experience of cycling for more than a decade Islabikes is the true innovator in children’s bicycles.

By employing a philosophy that combines holistic design, unique proportional components and a focus on lightweight, Islabikes creates the best bicycles available for children.

The brainchild of former professional rider and cycle industry expert Isla Rowntree, Islabikes was created to provide an alternative to the heavy and unwieldy bicycle shaped objects young riders were often given. Islabikes uses far-reaching child sizing data alongside more than a decade of hands-on experience.

It also has an unmatched commitment to producing its own proportionately sized pedals, brake levers, cranks, saddles and more.

Now, with the introduction of the Pro Series, a range of no compromise competition bikes and the circular economy inspired Imagine Project, Islabikes is continuing to innovate and shape the future of youth cycling.

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