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Event Partner: Hooper's

Published on 14th. June 2017

Hooper's brings traditionally brilliantly British refreshment!

Join us for traditionally British fun at Eroica Britannia this year. We’ll be selling our alcoholic fruit brews in flavours; Dandelion & Burdock, delicious Raspberry & Nettle and new Plum & Sloe in our idyllic picnic setting. Our alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock makes for a perfect pairing with Fish & Chips on nearby stalls so you can reminisce those good time memories! You may also wish to sit back following the day’s festivities, enjoy an ice-cold brew and relax in our seating area.

Peek and Win

Come pop your head in the holes of our traditional #BrilliantlyBritish family so you can hold onto the wonderful memories of Eroica this year.  If you tag in @hoopersbrews with a photograph of you on our seaside peek board, you are instantly entered into our exciting prize draw. Good luck!


When you buy 6 of our national favourite Dandelion & Burdock cans, you receive one of our traditional, comfy picnic blankets for free!

Our Heritage

Hooper’s is a range of 4% ABV traditionally British alcoholic brews, available in Dandelion & Burdock, Raspberry & Nettle and Plum & Sloe flavours.  Inspired by William Hooper, who spent the early 1800’s travelling the globe to find inspiriting flavours to bring back to British drinkers, two centuries on, Hooper’s continues to deliver British refreshment.

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