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Event Partner: Hendrick's Gin

Published on 11th. May 2017

Gin lovers rejoice! Hendrick's Gin are back!

Hendrick’s Gin will be joining Eroica Britannia for the 4th year running to celebrate World Cucumber Day, The Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings (P.L.A.N.T) will extend their laboratory to Eroica Britannia this year.

Curious guests will be invited to join our perilous experiment which sees Hendrick’s Gin celebrate and educate curious homo sapiens on the…Wondrous Unusual Interconnectivity between Humans and Nature.

Hendrick’s Gin is a deliciously super premium gin made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious arrangement. Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s Gin is distilled in Scotland, in miniscule batches of 500 litres at a time. Only Hendrick’s Gin is made with infusions of cucumber and rose petals, alongside a blend of 11 botanicals, producing a wonderfully refreshing gin with a delightfully floral aroma. Hendrick’s Gin is made in a combination of a Carter-Head and copper pot still, creating a divinely smooth gin with both character and balance of subtle flavours.


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