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Hendrick's Gin Brings The Most PeQueueliar Bar to Eroica Britannia

Published on 8th. June 2018

After embarking on your travels to Eroica Britannia 2018, the last thing you want to do when you arrive is get in a queue, right? Wrong!

You don’t usually associate queues with the fun times at a festival, but the peculiar team of poets, alchemists and nonsense-mongers at Hendrick’s Gin have other ideas.

 Thirsty merrymakers should head to The Hendrick’s PeQueueliar Bar for a drink, where the world’s most unusual queueing system banishes the boredom of standing in line. Those who take part in the queues curious amusements and delightful diversions – such as Musical Queues and Boneshaker ByPass – shall be adorned with their perfect Hendrick’s tipple, precisely ‘when the time is right’. 

"The splendid folks of Hendrick’s will also be bringing moments of delightful peculiarity to elsewhere in the festival."

Lookout for The Roaming Relaxer, sweeping tired festival goers off their feet to be fanned, massaged and read poetry; The QueueCumber Quartet, an obscure musical outfit, bringing impromptu performances to long boring queues.

Find out more about Hendrick’s here

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