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First Time Riders Update!

Published on 22nd. March 2017

We catch up with some of our first time riders to see how prep is going with less than 3 months to go till the start-line!

Earlier in the year, we did a shout out looking for first time riders and we had a fantastic response of being sharing with us their  very honest expectations, goals and reasons for signing up for the World’s Most Handsome Ride, all which you can read HERE. A couple of months down the line and as promised we touched base to find out how training was going...


Training for me has started with a charity "spring classic" ride around Barnsley. 67 miles in freezing, unrelenting and torrential rain made it one of the worst rides I've ever done. I did a bit of training before it and it felt surprisingly good on the day. However, it was easier on a nice light and reliable carbon road bike-not the 35 year old Raleigh Record Sprint that hasn't quite been rebuilt yet. Still, there's a few months left to go.....  the great news (for me) is that Dan, who I'll be riding with me on the day, has yet to touch a bike this year so I'm hopeful he'll be in more pain than me on the day……” 


My preparation is going well, I’ve been enjoying going back into my CD collection (even that sounds retro these days) and listening to the ABC albums I have, bringing back happy memories of carefree adolescence days.  My brother is going to lend me The Lexicon of Love 2 so come June I’ll be fully ready to sing along on Saturday night.  The other time consuming element of my training schedule to date is having a weekly trawl through e-bay to try and find a suitable vintage jersey to wear.  As for the cycling part, with Spring most definitely in the air it is getting easier to go out and get a few miles in, although I still need to wean myself off the isotonic drink and gels and replace these with a flask of tea and a scone in my back pocket wrapped in a napkin. My old bike certainly creaks less than I do after a few hours in the saddle.


I now trawl local auctions for bikes and am building up a collection, Sue, however spends an equal amount of time in charity shops on a hunt for outfits. Bike wise I am now torn between a Carlton and a Holdsworth. The Carlton matches the colour of Sue’s Raleigh so I might have the decision taken out of my hands! 


Getting in shape for Eroica is taking some effort and so far that's just getting the bikes ready. Years of sitting at the back of the garage has taken its toll. Things that should be tight are loose and free-moving parts are seized solid. A bit of degreaser and TLC has just about got them fit for the great British adventure. The late winter weather with heavy rain and high winds has limited the actual bike riding however. The promise of lighter nights and better weather should get us back on track though. We're a little apprehensive about test riding our handsome steeds after their 20 years layup but know it will be worth it come June.

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