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Festival Checklist

Published on 14th. June 2018

If you're coming for the weekend or just for the day - be sure to have read our checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a wonderful time at Eroica Britannia 2018!


If you haven’t purchased your Festival Tickets, Parking Passes and Camping Pitches You still can! It’s really easy! Simply CLICK HERE and guarantee your tickets! You can even buy tickets and passes for on the day!

Study The Knowledge

The complete guide to arriving, parking, camping, cycling and what's on at Eroica Britannia 2018 with easy to download docs.

Plan to Perfection!

Make sure you’ve downloaded your tickets & The Eroica Britannia App and stroll right into a weekend of wonderfulness with all the latest festival updates and tip off’s! Download here - APPLE & ANDROID

Be Prepared!

We’re holding out for the Great British sunshine to beam down over Friden Grange this weekend... But we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, so preparation is key! We have an onsite store where you’ll be able to pick up the essentials, but we recommend you’re well equipped with sun creams, warm layers, waterproofs, sensible footwear. Cozy or cool, we want you to be super comfy all weekend long!

Pitch Up!

Packed the car to the brim! Tent poles, groundsheet, your cosiest sleeping bag, pillows & Pj’s and head for a weekend with under the stars! For our full camping checklist, take a look at our handy camping checklist.. Remember - we have a designated BBQ area - but STRICTLY NO GAS OR GLASS ALLOWED.

Have YOU Fuelled up?

Have you made sure that you are in tip top form ahead of the Ride ahead? Our advice is - eat well pre, during and after The Ride.
Our friend and nutritionist Libby Limon’s top ride day tip is to drink concentrated beetroot juice. It helps get blood around your body quicker - improving your ride day performance!
We’re super excited that proud plant pushers - Shed will be joining us this weekend! Shed create affordable, super-tasty plant-based food that goes big on nutrition and even bigger on flavour. The perfect choice for fuelling your Sunday Ride!

Cards and Cash Back

We have 2 locations to get cash back! Eroica HQ store and The Corner Shop outlet in Main Box Office Arena field, and you’ll be able to pay on card at HQ and the Britannia Arms but we recommend you bring a little cash to keep you going.

Gowns of Glory & Tweed Ensembles!

On Saturday night The Timber Barn plays host to our Fifth Birthday celebrations with a vintage extravaganza - The Great British Barn Dance - ensure your outfitting is spectacular and you're ready to dance till your shoes fall off!

Autograph Book

Paper and pen at the ready! Heroes, Legends, Olympians… You never know who you’re going to meet on The Great British Adventure!

The Power of Pud

Bring your show stopping bakes to Saturday’s spectacular Best in Show! It’s the most prestigious and delicious category of all - and the winner will be declared Eroica Britannia’s official 5th Birthday cake!


After a night with nature under celestial Peak skies - rise, shine and shake off the festival slumber with our energising festival yoga session - everyone's welcome. All you need is some comfy kit and you own mat!


Don’t forget, you can book your ride in advance with our recommended, dedicated Festival Taxi Service - Al’s Taxis!

Road Worthy Wheels

Ensure your trusty steed is serviced and gleaming to perfection… If you don’t have your own wheels, you can hire a beautiful Eroica Britannia ready ride from one of our bike partners! Then you’ll be ready for a the challenge and adventure of The World’s Most Handsome Ride!

Waxed & Polish

Best in Show is a Festival favourite. Dress up, Dress down - expect much admiration and clapping! We're not called the The Most Handsome Festival in the UK for nothing. Bring your most stylish & flamboyant outfits and accessories if you’re in it to win it!

All Ears

The Inner Tube is a 3-day programme dedicated to the magnificent bike, inspirational riders, tales of freedom and heroic deeds. A sense of adventure and open ears are a must.

Twilight Illuminations

Don’t forget your tip top Bicycle illuminations for our Friday Night pilgrimage to the pub, dedicated to the great and wonderful man, Luciano Berruti. Be creative, bike lights won’t cut it for this good-looking ride.

Very Important Pooches

Eroica Britannia is proud to be an award winning family festival, which mean the whole family is invited, including the four legged variety!

A Jersey of Dreams

Classic Riders! Listen up! Make sure you’ve got a jersey of Champions to WOW the crowds as you prepare to be snapped in your moment of glory!

Treat Your Old Man!

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we’re all geared up for a wonderful day dedicated to Dad’s! We have the ultimate Father’s Day retro goodie bag, available at HQ - whilst stocks last!

See you soon!


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