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Eroica Britannia Returns For 2019

Published on 20th. December 2018

Get Ready! Eroica Britannia Rides Again In 2019!

Thanks so much for everyone who has already contacted us about Eroica Britannia 2019!

We'd like to apologise for the delay in announcing the 2019 event. We've been busy planning our sixth year - and as you'll see there are some changes afoot


We will be announcing the date for Eroica Britannia 2019 in January 2019.

The date will be different to our usual June timing and will be later on in the Summer.

We have changed locations and have said farewell to Friden Grange - rest assured we are still based in The Peak District!

Our 6th year will be a different style of event to previous years and the event will observe some changes for 2019 only.


Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates - and we will drop you a line on an email with full details in the New Year.

We're aware some of this sounds a little mysterious - so we will 'tell all' as soon as the last parts of the plan come together. 

All The Best!

We'd also like to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and all the best for an all singing, adventure packed, healthy, happy New Year!

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