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Patrick Grant: Five things I can’t live without

Published on 22nd. May 2017

The Daily Express catches up with our favourite judge before he heads back to Eroica Britannia!

Patrick Grant will be back at The Festival and The Ride this year in our new location at Friden Grange. Patrick will be judging the fashion categories at Best In Show on Saturday 17th June before he takes to the start-line to tackle the 100 miler (tbc!) 
He tells the Daily Express the top 5 things he can’t live without… including his love of all things two wheels of course! Here's a couple of our favourites! 


I own more than 60 suits in different styles and fabrics. My favourite is a classic grey wool design as it looks effortlessly smart and is made to last. I have always enjoyed dressing up and am certainly not your average jeans-and-trainers kind of guy, although I am partial to a good quality crew neck jumper. 


I absolutely love cycling and when I’m in the UK I religiously pedal nine miles each way from my home in south London to my Saville Row shop, Norton & Sons. In my opinion, being on a bike is the most relaxing and scenic way to commute. My journey takes in The Oval, Westminster and Buckingham Palace and means I always start the day feeling invigorated. When I’m in London I ride a Pashley Roadster Classic bike which comes complete with a spring saddle and a bell. It is incredibly sturdy and great for negotiating the capital. Outside of the city, the longest ride I’ve ever done is the London to Newcastle 24-hour bike race, which was well and truly a test of my fitness and endurance. 


I like my shoes to last, which is why I am happy to pay for a good quality pair of Tricker’s leather brogues or classic Oxford lace-ups. If I counted them up I reckon I’d probably have at least 30 pairs of shoes. I like to mix and match and I could never throw anything in my wardrobe out. I am rather sentimental about my clothes and shoes as each item reminds me of a special time and place. 
Patrick Grant will be attending this year’s Eroica Britannia Festival, taking place at Friden Grange in The Peak District from June 16-18. Tickets start from £20 and kids go free. Read the full article HERE

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