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Cyclist Reports: The Maserati Preview of The Ride

Published on 17th. May 2017

David Millar talks about Eroica Britannia, an event that should be on everyone's calendar

Last week Maserati, presenting partner for The Ride - hosted a preview of the 25 mile route, alongside David Millar their ambassador for Maserati GB. Jack Elton-Walters from Cyclist was on the guest list and caught up with David Millar on his thoughts on Eroica Britannia.

Over to Cyclist

For anyone still wondering whether the Eroica Britannia is an event they should be heading to, it's worth remembering something else Millar said:

"It’s quirky and interesting, and a reason to get another bike, get dressed up and have some fun."

The former pro also touched on a theme of the event, its inclusivity and family friendly nature.

"You don’t have to go fast, there’s no competition, there’s none of that sort of rivalry or threatening sort of nature which I think can come from cyclo-sportives and other cycling events,' he added, echoing anecdotal complaints sometimes heard about the behaviour of riders who think they're at a race when riding standard sportives."

At a time when it sometimes feels like we've reached peak-sportive and the calendar gets overran with events all over the country, the Eroica Britannia offers riders something different and it's this that Millar feels is the most appealing aspect of the event.

"It’s just something else isn’t it?' Millar said. 'I think, it’s a lot more interesting, it’s a lot more fun than just a full carbon bike with your power meter and your purely competitive machine."


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