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Everyone’s Favourite Vintage Cycling Festival

Published on 26th. January 2017

Casquette Magazine give us the low-down on why we should all get a slice of that nostalgic bike-riding action...

When we first saw Casquette Magazine we did a mini jig of joy! It is a wonderfully fresh celebration of the World of cycling. An inspirational, intelligent and witty magazine that taps into the very special reasons why we all love cycling.

Inside, you’ll find inspirational stories of the women who are out there doing it; beautifully curated ideas on the best kit picks for stand-out and performance; the best bikes and hottest tech; recommendations on where to ride and refuel, plus awesome travel stories and incredible bucket list rides. 

Over to Casquette to tell you why you should get involved in Eroica Britannia 2017

'Everyone’s favourite vintage cycling festival is back for 2017'

It is bigger and better than ever. Emma Nicholson tells us what it’s all about and why we should all get a slice of that nostalgic bike-riding action...

For Everybody!

'This three-day cycling festival features headline musicians, gorgeous camping, vintage shopping, fantastic food and delightful drinks. But the big draw is a ride that invites you to flex your sartorial (and leg) muscles to recreate the looks of a bygone era. Last year’s event packed in 40,000 visitors from around the globe and 4,500 authentically-clad riders (including a record-breaking 1000+ women).'

On The Ride

'There are three routes available (25, 55 and 100 miles), but what really marks this ride out as different is that you can only take part on a pre-1987 bicycle (which can be hired) while rocking era-specific clothing. Gear shifters have to be on the down tube, pedals should have toe clips and straps, and carbon fibre or lycra is forbidden.'

Join in!

'This year’s event takes place from 16-18th June in the new location at Friden Grange, where the High Peak Trail will run straight through the festival. Ticket sales have already broken records after their release in late November, so act fast if you don’t want to miss out.'

Read the full article, including the chance to watch our 2016 film HERE

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