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Eroica Britannia: Britain’s Most Handsome Cycling Event

Published on 18th. May 2017

Hannah Reynolds, writing for Total Women's Cycling joined us on a preview of the 25 mile Short Route, hosted by presenting partner for The Ride, Maserati and Maserati GB's ambassador David Millar.

Hannah's article is packed full of great observations and is peppered with top tips from Mr Millar. A must-read for anyone thinking of joining The Ride this year! Read it in full HERE

We love Hannah's experience of 'tuning in' with the bike - something we all recognise when swopping our 'modern' bike for our Eroica Britannia steeds!

"I hadn’t ridden a vintage bike since, ooh about 1987, when it wasn’t a vintage bike, it was simply a bike! Even a quick spin around the car park reminded me to be grateful for Sti shifting, clipless pedals and road disc-brakes. However, it is the simple mechanics of these older bikes that make them such a joy to ride. Andy reminded me you have to ‘coax’ the gears into shifting, listen carefully to your bike and softly pedal to make an even shift. In the days of quick shifting electronic gearing, it is easy to lose the mechanical sensitivity that these old bikes require."

Millar on Vintage Bikes

“Vintage bikes are just fun, you pootle around. There is nothing very threatening about Eroica Britannia, there is no competition, there is no sense of rivalry. I went to my first event last year, when I got there the spectacle was just mind-blowing. It’s so weird and different and random, things that you don’t really expect from a cycling event.”

Millar, Maserati, Eroica Britannia

Millar, a Maserati ambassador explains the connection, “Maserati is 103 years old, it is a vintage brand, it is a historic brand, it’s stylish and cool. It very much fits with the vintage ethos and it is an Italian brand so it fits with the origins of Eroica. The brand does match, there is a slight irreverence to Maserati and there is a definite irreverence to Eroica.”

Millar on joining in a great fun adventure for the family

Millar is definitely not going for the joys, challenges and hardships of a hundred miles on a vintage bike, for him it will be a weekend away with the family. “When I first saw it I thought this could be really good fun for the kiddies. We’re going to do the camping thing and have a little adventure, enjoy getting dressed up. There is so much to do, the cycling is almost a bolt-on to the festival.”

Millar on Best in Show

The most fierce competition of all is not on the bikes but in the show ring. Prizes are awarded for best outfits as well as bikes, Millar says, “my wife is panicking about what we dress the boys in, we are going to go for the Best Dressed Family award but I think the competition is going to be incredibly stiff. I heard about a Father and Son who changed four times in one day!”

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