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Best in Show 2017

Published on 12th. April 2017

A firm Festival favourite.The epitome of style and sartorial elegance! This year watch out for a mighty haul of prizes and a new home for The Parade Ring at Friden Grange!

Best in Show celebrates getting dressed up! Eroica Britannia was nicknamed 'The Most Handsome Festival in the World' in 2014 after our first outing on account of our beautiful boutique festival spaces and amazing festival go-ers dressed to the nines. It all spring-boarded from The Ride on account of the 4,500 riders riding pre-1987 steel road bikes and dressing up to match with spectacular effort going into outfitting, sourcing and even making. We've been paying tribute to this handsome notion ever since!

We're encouraging everyone who comes to our Festival over the weekend of the 16-18th June to come for a 3-day Great British Adventure, dressing up or dressing down to suit your style. Celebrate vintage, beautiful dresses and hats for the ladies, tweed, evening wear, flamboyant accessories for the guys...

Best in Show is FREE to enter… Because this is a really popular event, and this year's prize haul even bigger - be sure to register online below to secure your place in the Parade Ring! We will have limited walk-in places on the day!

"It has been known that some of our visitors bring upwards of 8 outfits! It seems a multiple outfit change is top on the list of Festival must-do's!"

Above all – Best in Show is about having some fun and getting into the spirit! Even if you don't plan to enter Best in Show on Saturday. Raid your wardrobes and come along anyway in your dressed up best! We're hoping everyone gets into the spirit and has a jolly good time if you're a contestant or a spectator! We are delighted to welcome Patrick Grant back to Eroica Britannia for the fourth year as ‘Head Judge’ for Best in Show. Expect celebrity assistance as Patrick is joined by some famous faces and sport stars!

Patrick's Top Tip

"Best in Show is a hoot, and the standard of entries is exceptional. I think the best way to go is to have fun, and don’t just think about the classic eras of the twenties though the fifties, the seventies and eighties were great eras for clothing and sport, and still largely untapped by the Eroica Britannia Festival goers."

Best Dressed Family

There's nothing quite like seeing a whole family dressed to the nines having a whale of a time at a quintessentially British festival. We’re calling out for you to gather your troops and enter our Best Dressed Family competition to win fabulous prizes and Festival fame! Enter HERE 

Best Dressed FESTIVAL Guy

Dapper gents! Press your tweeds, polish those oxfords, adjust your bow tie it is time to strut your stuff for Best Dressed Guy. We're not known as the ‘Most Handsome' Festival for nothing! Enter HERE

Best Dressed FESTIVAL Gal

Come and wow the crowds with your best threads - let your imagination run wild and enter our Best Dressed Gal competition. Go ultra glam, fun and flirty, super sophisticated … The choice is yours! You’re competing for some amazing prizes so get into the spirit and let’s have some fun! Enter HERE

Best Dressed Rider

Do you own a rare Jersey and want to show it off to the crowd OR have you been planning an incredible outfit for Sunday 18th June and JUST HAVE to preview it? Enter Best Dressed Rider, open to all riders the perfect place to scoop huge prizes and to debut your 2017 most handsome ‘look’ to crowds of thousands! Enter HERE



On Saturday 17th June enter your pride and joy in Best Bike in Show. The morning of Saturday 18th is when we honour the stars of the show! We'd like to pay tribute to the hours of effort spent building, restoring, polishing and TLC that goes into making a pre-1987 bike into a steed fit for Eroica Britannia and The Great British Adventure. Read More HERE or Enter HERE


Autumn & Winter are the great providers of fine British hedgerow ingredients for tasty home brew tipples! Damsons, Sloes, Elderflower,Blackberries, Cherries - all the good stuff! This Summer we're going to be celebrating endeavour from the dark months that can be enjoyed in the Summer sunny months! Get your best brew together and bring your brandies, gins, vodkas, ales, home brew wines et al to be showcased and judged as Best Brew! Great names obligatory and extra points awarded for creative labelling and stories of forging and countryside adventures and the all important taste of course! (hic!) Enter HERE


The building blocks of British social natter and chatter - nothing more quintessentially just so than a slice of best Vicky Sponge Cake. We're looking for Best Cake in Show to be paraded (and eaten) in the Great British Cake Off! The only rules are that CAKE RULES! Extra points given for family recipes, home-made jam, cakely divine names and a nod to tradition. Enter HERE


Our Festival is super dog friendly! We love our dog friends and we know you do too! Last year Best Dressed Dog was ultra popular and we have some top prizes this year! 
Enter HERE


Needs no intro...But is one of the most sought after titles at Eroica Britannia. After all – no outfit is complete without the perfect Moustache hey chaps? Enter HERE

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