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Our Charity Partner 2017

Published on 15th. November 2016

Almost everyone you know has been touched in some way by the groundbreaking work of children's charity Action Medical Research.

We are delighted that Action Medical Research will return to Eroica Britannia 2017 as our Charity Partner.

There are more than a million children in the UK whose lives are devastated by disease and disability. We need your help to fight for all of them. We ask for you to consider a donation at checkout when you purchase your Ride Places and Festival Tickets.

About Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research is determined to tackle the challenges that disease and disability present by funding some of the best medical research in the world to help children. All around the UK today there are hundreds of thousands of children whose lives are devastated by disease and disability. Research is the key for many children who desperately need help.

Surprisingly medical research to help children is poorly funded in the UK. Action Medical Research has a critical job to do in helping fill this gap to protect children. The prospects for finding new cures and treatments are almost within our grasp. We have vital research ready to go – we simply can’t fund it all.

Action Medical Research has nearly 65 years of history in funding medical research with many notable successes. With roots in research into the polio vaccine, the charity now focuses on the health of babies, children and young people, an area where there are very real unmet needs and not enough research funding.

We fund cutting-edge medical research across the UK and assess the impact of the research we fund and share the results. We raise funds to make this vital research possible. We regularly work with other charities when this helps move research forward.

Action relies on voluntary income. Simply put, with more money we could fund more vital research to help children.

An Incredibly Important Heritage

Almost everyone you know has been touched in some way by the groundbreaking work of children’s charity Action Medical Research.

Back in 1952 our founder Duncan Guthrie made it his mission to raise funds to find a cure for polio. Within 10 years, the UK polio vaccine was introduced and it has kept millions of children safe ever since.

In the 1960s and 1970s Action supported researchers to test the effectiveness and safety of the rubella vaccine. Rubella, or German measles, is a viral infection that can cause severe abnormalities in unborn babies if contracted by the mother in early pregnancy. Immunisation became available to girls in the 1970s and today there are fewer than 20 cases of rubella a year in the UK.

Meningococcal disease strikes with shocking speed, causing meningitis and blood poisoning. Tragically, it kills one in 10 of those affected and survivors can be left with lifelong disabilities. Babies and young children under four are most at risk. Recognising the urgent need for more research in this area, Action is funding research to develop a new vaccine for MenB, the bacterium that causes most cases of meningococcal meningitis in the UK – and ultimately help protect vulnerable children.

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