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Volunteer blog: Clare Froggatt

Published on 6th. February 2018

Clare Froggatt volunteered at Eroica Britannia in 2016 and 2017. This year, she'll be joining us again to offer her pair of hands to support the Classic Ride for a third year in a row. Find out more about her experience

“I absolutely loved the event this year and especially my role of 'lollipop lady' at the start line, I would love to do this same role again next year. Absolutely without a shadow of a doubt I am already looking forward to it.”

While June is technically the first month of summer, the hottest weekend of the 2017 made a big difference to the event last year, “it was my second year volunteering and unlike my first the sun joined us too and it made for an amazing weekend, brilliant costume and gleaming vintage bikes lovingly brought back to life.”

An early alarm for Clare ensured the riders’ safety from the very start of their day. “My role began early 0530 at the start line and it was a treat to see the first rides heading down the drive out of the showground where I directed them on their epic 100 mile ride. In the hours following, I saw many more riders heading also to the right on the trail for the 100 and 25 mile route and to the left for the 55 milers.”It’s thanks to people like Clare that we are able to put on such a fantastic event year-on-year. We’ve gratefully received a third application to volunteer from Clare so look out for her on this year’s Classic Ride. “I have already had confirmation that I am volunteering at this year’s festival so I look forward to encouraging many more ride and festival participants to enjoy the whole festival as much as I do.”

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