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Oh So British!

Published on 9th. June 2017

We are tip-top excited to be included in Emerald Street's round-up of the most unique festivals hitting the UK this Summer!

"When we think of festivals, we think mud, booze, tents and music – lots of it. You’ve done Glastonbury and the rest, so maybe you fancy something a wee bit different? You’re in luck. The festival has evolved in recent years and now there’s one to suit most tastes, from sports enthusiasts to discerning drinkers."

The Oh-So-British 

Eroica Britannia

A world away from the mud and wellies of your average summer festival, it’s not for nothing that Eroica Britannia has been dubbed the World’s Most Handsome Bike Ride. This three-day festival (inspired by the iconic Italian L’Eroica) celebrates the joy of cycling and culminates in a proper non-competitive bike ride. Here, 4,000 cycling enthusiasts don vintage gear to ride their pre-1987 bikes along one of three trails, all while taking in the scenery of the beautiful Peak District. What else? Twilight adventure rides, sundown cinema, velodrome eliminator and DJ sets by Norman Jay. 16-18 Jun; from £20

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