Eroica Britannia
The Great British Adventure


History of L'Eroica

L’Eroica, which translates as ‘the heroes’ started in 1997 in Tuscany, Italy because of one man, Giancarlo Brocci, who admired the values of a past cycling so much that he wanted to reconnect others to the heritage that inspired much Italian history, literature, culture, and music. L’Eroica also created a foundation for the protection and preservation of the last gravel roads in Tuscany. These romantic concepts led to the idea of L’Eroica, an event that initially saw 92 “hunters of feelings and emotions”, as the creator Giancarlo Brocci defines them.

20 years later with many thousands of riders from all over the world taking part in almost every continent, its authenticity remains as strong as ever.

History of Eroica Britannia

Eroica Britannia was started by 4 friends who took part in L’Eroica in 2008. We fell in love with all it stood for and had a vision to not only create a ride in the wonderful Peak District National Park but to build a 3-day family friendly festival that celebrates heritage, the best of food & drink, outfitting & style, craftsmanship, music & entertainment with the joy of cycling leading the way.

Eroica Britannia is the largest event in the global family. In 2018 we attracted 4,000 riders and thousands of visitors a day joined us at the festival.

Eroica Britannia is part of a global network of events. Find out about this incredible story and plan your participation.


Eroica Britannia is The Great British Adventure. We stand for and admire spirit, authenticity, adventure, heritage and passion. Eroica Britannia awakens these emotions and strikes up the feelings of freedom, challenge and camaraderie.

Giancarlo Brocci, the Italian founder of L’Eroica encourages us to ‘discover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest’ which brings a contagious sense of adventure and desire to push the boundaries as well as the urge to accomplish something great!

In 2017 Eroica Britannia allowed us to experience spectacular landscape and new territory while at the same time raising awareness and protecting areas for future generations.

Our new location on the lands surrounding Friden Grange allowed us to expand upon The Great British Adventure and take it further into new areas of The Peak District and Derbyshire. In particular we seek to enjoy connectivity by the magnificent High Peak Trail that runs through our Festival site.

Cycling on pre-1987 road bikes allows us to appreciate the serenity of slow travel, healthy sport and gives us the enjoyment of the beauty of magnificent places around us. It also allows us to connect to our bike as we marvel at its durability and craftsmanship or seek out ways to solve problems and get our heads around repairs and quirks.

Eroica Britannia People

Taking part on The Ride are men,women and children of every age and background from almost every country in the World. A global community coming together to enjoy the positive vibes and energy that cycling creates. Here, conquests on the bicycle gives a sense of achievement and unites all those who experience it whether you take part or not. It is glory but in the best sense of the word.

This spirit is transferred into the people of the festival. Not only friends and loved ones of their heroes taking part but everyone can appreciate the year long commitment and final accomplishment of our riders. We are a festival like no other. We have more headliners than any other festival in the world; 4,500 riders in 2017 and they all deserve top billing.

In 2017 our youngest rider was 5 years old, she rode in the same event as our oldest rider who was 89 years young.

The long 100 mile is a tough challenge for the most serious of riders while the short route mile is a huge challenge for many. In 2016 our largest group of riders tackled the medium route of 55 miles showing how the challenge was indeed taken up to push and achieve.

One of our continued goals is to inspire more female riders to take part. In 2014 10% of the riders were female. This year that grew to 25%, which is 3% up on 2016's numbers.

From Eroica Britannia has sprung a whole economy that spins around the entire year, as the event continues to inspire riders to find bikes and restore them. Our Riders commit to training through the year to create a level of fitness to get them from the startline to finish line. Not only is a bike and fitness needed, riders also need to create or source kit and outfitting for their big day. The Eroica Britannia journey starts on sign up and only finishes when the finish line has been crossed in June. This is an epic journey.

There is no first place. The last rider home wins. We are non competitive while at the same time celebrating everyone's own race. It's an iconic lifestyle to which we and our riders aspire.

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