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The 500 Ride Has Sold Out

We're returning to Bakewell!

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to join us in Bakewell for our special edition Eroica Britannia for 2019. The ‘500’ is a small, one-off event of 500 riders to celebrate and document the sixth year of Eroica Britannia.

2019 is the 200th anniversary of the historic Bakewell Show. Due to this big anniversary celebration, we have been unable to bring a full scale Eroica Britannia event to Bakewell Showground in 2019.

2019 is a Ride only event on Sunday 18th August 2019 which will be an epic one day adventure covering some of the most beautiful landscape in The Peak District National Park which provides an outstanding opportunity to capture the detail of our riders on film as well as the true essence of L’Eroica.

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Now is the time

This is the only time we get this opportunity to film and document The Ride, in this level of detail. We’re excited about undertaking a new kind of adventure which shows the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest of The Ride on film.

It also allows us to champion the effort that riders undertake to enter, prepare and train but to also honour their bikes and heritage to create a film that can inspire, motivate and to set the standard for Eroica Britannia in the years to come.

In years gone by we’ve been proud to welcome up to 4,500 riders, this year however we will be opening entries to just 500 riders.

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The Future

Our 2019 Film sets the standard for The Ride moving forwards and we are also working closely with L’Eroica to present a weekend festival and our usual size ride in 2020.

Bakewell Showground was the location for our launch in 2014 and our home for 2015 and 2016 and we’re looking forward to returning to those green and pleasant lands alongside the River Wye.

Cycling Weekly

"Back at the festival after an exciting 55 miles of road and gravel, our group reconnected and talked about the experiences of the road. The stories were all the same: old bikes are brilliant fun, long descents and old brakes make for aching hands, and why didn’t we all keep our pre-1987 bikes? They’re great fun!"

Men's Health Magazine

"It was great riding and by the time we came off the trail and hit a first (unofficial) coffee stop, the true character of the event was really starting to show. This wasn’t really a race, it was a grand social occasion. Nobody was in a hurry and riders sat around sipping espressos, chatting, joking and admiring each other’s vintage attire. A wonderful atmosphere."

The Radavist

"Eroica Britannia is not a themed ride in that sense, although many of those traits apply here. You must ride a vintage bike older than 1987. Your attire should be of similar age, as well as your shoes, gloves and other accessories but don’t be mistaken, this is no casual jaunt around the park. This is no leisurely stroll, only sated by a cold beer at a pub. Eroica Britannia is a ride for cyclists."

GO Outdoors

The UK'S Top Endurance Events

"Covering a total distance of 100 miles, The Long Route is an ultimate test of cycling ability and both physical and mental fitness."

Active Traveller

Top 10 Cycling Festivals in Europe

"It’s not just about the riding though - this huge three-day festival welcomed some 40,000 people last year with is mix of live music, bike jumbles, bars, eateries, camping."

Total Women Cycling

10 Stand Out Sportives

"Eroica rides are something completely different to any other sportive. Organised around cycling festivals, they celebrate the heritage and history of two wheeled travel."

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